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Burial Place in Cookstown


Hello Kind folks, I've discovered my 3X great grandparent's death information and I'm wondering where they might be buried. I've looked at all of the cemeteries I can find via the Internet in County Tyrone- I'm 99% certain they were NOT Catholic so I only looked at Chruch of Ireland or Presbyterian cemeteries.  My 3x great grandafther was Andrew Chambers and he died 13 April 1878 in Cookstown.  His wife, my 3x great grandmother Sarah Chambers pre-deceased him in December of 1870.  I realize that is a long time ago and if they had headstones they could well be  gone by now... but if not, can anyone please help me find them? Thank you very much.






Wednesday 5th June 2019, 09:36PM

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  • Laura,

    In the 1800s, not everyone could afford a gravestone and the majority of the population were buried without one. However I see that Andrew was a Police Pensioner, so he ought to have been a bit better off and was therefore more likely to have one. He died in Unagh which is in the parish of Lissan. Worth checking graveyards in that parish as well as Cookstown (which is in Derryloran).

    Not all graveyards have their gravestones on-line and there is often no alternative but to going round them in person.

    I looked in the papers to see if there were funeral notices for Andrew and his wife, as those often mention where the burial is to take place, but I cannot see any for this couple.


    Sunday 9th June 2019, 12:59PM

    Thank you.  I wasn't aware that he died in Unagh so that gives me more options.  Everyone who volunteers on this web site is wonderful.  I appreciate your help. Laura Chambers



    Monday 10th June 2019, 05:11PM