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Burke / Brett / Mulligan / Morley of Cloonaweema , Charlestown , Kilbeagh Parish Info

I am seeking information about my family from Mayo in Charlestown, specifically Cloonaweema. 

My grandmother Katie (Catherine) was born in Cloonaweema in Nov 1st 1911, to her Mother Ellen Brett and Anthony Mulligan. Anthony Mulligan was her 2nd husband and died a year later in the coal mines in Wales. Her first husband was Martin Morley . She had my grandmother at the old age of 40 and it was her only child. She did not live much longer but had remarried again to a man with the last name of Burke. Burke raised my grandmother his stepchild till she was 18yo and lived out his days in Cloonaweema until the late '50s when we believe he went into town as an old man (Charlestown).  Given that cloonaweema is so small..  I know the Casey family shows up in many of the records. 

Everyone mentioned above lived in the house of Thomas and Catherine Brett .. Thomas and Catherine show up in the 1911 and 1901 census as being head of household at the old age if 74.  Griffith's land valuation shows a Patrick Brett living in Cloonaweema in the 1850's census. My assumption is that this Patrick Brett is his father. (The father of Thomas Brett). 

I the Brett family seems the most likely to find a relative. I see them in the area and in Sligo and I assume this is where my lost cousins are. Any help would be much appreciated, I visited Cloonaweema before most of this ancestry stuff was online, I met Mr Casey who remembered Mr Burke.. but he was of very ill health and soon died with what memories he could not share with me. I would love any parish or church records.. I have exhausted my online search and have the unlucky situation of having what seems to be An only daughter who had an only daughter which makes finding the family hard. This is not for certain because maybe Thomas Brett and Catherine had more than just one daughter. 

Thursday 25th April 2019, 08:58AM

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