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My 4xG grandfather Callaghan HALLORAN (born about 1790) married my 4xG grandmother Mary S. HIGGINS on 1 November 1814 in Annakissy Parish. The record reports their names as "Call. Halloran, Mary Higgins". See attached screen shot. (Annakissy | Microfilm 05001 / 03)

Note: I do not know the names of Callaghan's parents. Mary's mother's name was Mary "Molly" SWAIN.

In that same parish is a marriage record nearly 4 years prior, on 24 January 1811, for "Cal: Halloran and Mary Buckley". See the other attached screen shot.
Is it safe to assume that "Call." and "Cal:" are shorthand for Callaghan and therefore this is the same person, that Callaghan was married twice, first to Mary Buckley and then to Mary Higgins?


Also, how common was Callaghan for a given name in the early 19th century?

Carol H.

Tuesday 11th January 2022, 06:03PM

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  • Carol:

    The 1901 census for Ireland had 77 individuals with the first name of Callaghan.Probably 65 of the 77 were in Co. Cork. Good number were McCarthys. Also found a father and son both named Callaghan Callaghan.

    Regarding your main question, the two abbreviations on the screen shots were likely for Callaghan. There is a good possibility that the same person married twice but no way to verify. I did find on the subscription site Roots Ireland a baptismal record for a Catherine Halloran father Callaghan and mother Mary Buckley

    Catherine Halloran baptized March 1 1812 in Killavullen/Annakissy parish father Callaghan Halloran mother Mary Buckley

    No other children to that couple.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 11th January 2022, 10:14PM
  • Thank you, Roger, for taking the time to respond! I appreciate the info from the 1901 Census on the given name Callaghan. I particularly like the father and son named Callaghan Callaghan. :-)

    I, too, had found that baptism record for Catherine Halloran, but I've found no further definitive info on her. My main interest is the Callaghan HALLORAN/Mary S. HIGGINS branch as they are my direct ancestors so I've not looked hard and long for either Mary Buckley nor Catherine Halloran, though I have looked some.



    Carol H.

    Wednesday 12th January 2022, 12:07AM