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Does anyone have a photo of Callan workhouse if it is still standing? My ancestor worked there as a gardener and also died there.

Angela S

Thursday 28th May 2020, 10:58AM

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  • There are several photos and details of Callan workhouse on Peter Higginbotham's website.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 28th May 2020, 11:16AM
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    Hi Angela

    I visited Callan workhouse in 2016 [apologies, I must have missed your query].  My Great grandmother [Mary Sarsfield] and just about all of her siblings were born at the workhouse [from 1864].  It is still standing and one of the buildings is being used I believe for some sort of arts and craft business/exhibitions.  But from what I could understand part of it was also being used for people with learning disabilities.  The buildings looked in pretty good condition as did the surrounding area.  It's just a short walk from Callan town.  We just walked into the entrance and quickly a few people came out and I think we spooked them as they weren't overly friendly but when I explained why we were there, they were quite friendly.  Maybe we should have checked it was ok to walk around, but no one in the town to check with. I have tried to attach a few pictures but system says 'no'!.  Regards, Maggie

    Maggie H

    Monday 1st Feb 2021, 08:42AM
  • Not sure what happened there!  but that is not the picture of Callan Workhouse.  Will try and upload the actual pics of Callan Workhouse.

    Maggie H

    Monday 1st Feb 2021, 08:46AM

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