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Caltra Cemetery

I am searching for headstone photos for Caltra Cemetery. Any available? 



Saturday 15th June 2019, 10:49AM

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  • The Caltra Graveyard Committee, in conjunction with the Caltra Community Council, published a booklet titled "Caltra Graveyard Inscriptions (1707 - 2013).  It contains a map of the graveyard and over 500 transcriptions of inscriptions, with a few pictures. There is not a specific address but you may be able to obtain a copy by writing to the Caltra Community Committee.  I got my copy at the gas station in Caltra.  As I remember the cost was 5 Euros.  Good luck,  Jim Ford in Kansas, USA.


    Sunday 16th June 2019, 09:38PM
  • Many thanks Jim. 

    I will chase it up and see what becomes of it. Perhaps it may be digitalised by now for overseas researchers to purchaser??? I have been lucky to find a researcher in England who charges a fee for downloads of Cemetery transcripts in other parts of Ireland. Thanks for your input. 



    Tuesday 18th June 2019, 11:36AM