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After many years searching for my Cardiff Family from Kildare by several families (Cardiff) I feel it must be time to stop the search. There was a story that the family had a disagreement and part of the family changed their name. To Cardiff or From Cardiff??? with much searching I am starting to believe that the other name was Carty. In fact several times the Peter name was frequently given as Cardiff/Carty.My Ancestor left Ireland in 1839 on the Ship North Britain with all of his children and another newpew.Thomas.  The Peter who stayed in Ireland was our Peters father Peter and Catherine Casey. There are many Peter Cardiffs and it gets quite confusing. I think we have just about exhausted any links..Another quest has been to find the marriage of Peter and Hanah who came to Oz. Only likely find was of a Peter and Hanah in 1839.  I was recently searching and found a Peter Carty and his wife in1759 in the Kildare - Newbridge area and of course that set me searching again but I have lost where I was searching. I can only imagine that clever Ireland Reaching out people may be able to use the Carty/Cardiff name to do some sleuthing.  We havent found anybody related to Peter and Catherine who stayed in Ireland. The place that they put on the papers when leaving Ireland was Newbridge. With hopeful thanks, I'll leave it there. 



Saturday 7th November 2020, 09:29AM