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I live in New Zealand and have a story about my great-great-grandmother. I hope someone might be able to dort the wheat from the chaff.

The story about my gggm (Elen Carew) as told to me by my grandmother, was that she ran (sailed) away to Australia to marry a Methodist (William Creber) because her family (Lord & Lady Carew, RC) wanted her to marry a cousin to continue the lineage. Ellen duly arrived in Sydney, NSW, and subsequently married William.

On arrival in Sydney on the Simonds, (dep. Liverpool 13 Jan 1855, arr. Botany Bay 12 April 1855) Ellen indicated that she was aged 26 and that her father and mother were dead (Thomas and Mary). This would make her birth at about 1829, but it is possible that her given age is incorrect. She may have been younger.

I am unable to link her directly to the Carew name, but do find a Thomas Paul (wife Mary) who does appear to be linked to the Carew name and does have a daughter Ellen

Is there anyone who has knowledge of the Carew family and links in the 1825-1860 era?



Wednesday 14th November 2018, 10:52PM

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  • Hi Garyasta,
    Ellen would have sailed from Cork, the ship records always state the port where it first leaves from.

    I looked in the Tithe records 1823 to 1837 and the nearest Thomas Carew to Caher or Cahir is this one. (Same place)

    Searching again in the Griffiths Valuation records 1847 to 1864 I saw this, listed under the Union of Cashel (different records record different areas)
    In the same townland of Knockgraffon.
    Note the land lord was Robert Carew.  This Robert, his parents were Lord and Lady Carew ( they didn't have a child called Thomas)
    The next place to look for Ellen's Baptism is...........the link is the main web address.

    This is the Caher Parish Book. (a bit hard on the old eyes)
    Parish's also overlap in records.

    I had a quick look and found a death of a Lady Jane Carew she died in 1901.

    I hope this is a help.




    Thursday 15th November 2018, 12:53PM
  • Hi Margot

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. It's greatly appreciated. I have significant problems wandering around the Irish internet trying to relate to the locations and areas. Now if you were to ask me something about places in New Zealand, I'd be fairly competent. Maybe even with a lot of Maori names.

    The references that you gave me are going to be fairly time consuming to go through, but I'll get to them within the next few days.

    Incidentally, the Ellen Carew that ended up in Australia, died as Ellen Creber in Redfern, NSW, Australia in 1877. The shipping documents show her departing from Liverpool, but I'll see if I can find anything from Cork.

    If I remember correctly when I researched, Lady Jane Carew didn't seem to fit the bill as being related.

    Once again, thanks. I'll give you some feedback if I find anything.

    Gary Little


    Friday 16th November 2018, 08:29PM
  • Hi Gary,
    You won't find anything in Cork as a ship record. Only stated from first port of departure.
    TROVE site in Australia does have details but I think you already have what is available.
    AncestryWorldwide do have the Parish records listed, not all though, it's an ongoing task entering the info.
    You could join for a month.




    Saturday 17th November 2018, 11:56AM
  • Garyasta and all,

     The parishes of Kilmoyler and Knograffon  adjoins Caher parish and in both parishes there were a number of Carew families. The borders of both parishes would be within c.4km of the town square in Caher and they sit immediately above Caher with Kilmoyler on the west side of the.river Suir and Knockgraffon on the east .

     I have attached a copy of the Carew baptisnal records  for these parishes for a range of years and they show a number of Ellens baptised the this period and their parents names. Perhaps you might see if any of these migh be relevent. There were some Carew families in the Knockgraffon Parish with substantial land holdings at that time .

    I hope you find the attached of interest.


    Thomas J Hussey (native of Caher )

    Thomas J, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 4th February 2020, 03:45PM

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  • It looks as if f. Edward/Edmund Carew and m. Bridget Morrissey may well be the parents of Ellen Carew b.1839. as the father's name is mentioned as Edward Keary on her death certificate. Documentation on baptism for 12 Mar 1839 shows a father as Edmund and m. as Bridget Morrissey.

    Both marriage and death documents stronly coincide that Ellen was born 1829 and not 1829 as on Simonds shipping documents.

    First name(s)    Ellen
    Last name    Carew
    Birth year    -
    Baptism year    1839
    Baptism date    12 Mar 1839
    Residence    Commons
    Parish    Cashel
    Diocese    Cashel and Emly
    County    Tipperary
    Country    Ireland
    Father's first name(s)    Edmd
    Father's last name    Carew
    Mother's first name(s)    Bridgt
    Mother's last name    Morrissey
    Repository    National Library of Ireland
    National Library of Ireland link
    Register    Baptism
    Record set    Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms
    Category    Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
    Subcategory    Births & baptisms
    Collections from    Ireland
    copyright Findmypast 2015

    Need to decide if f. is Edmund or Edward.

    Thanks all.
    Gary Little



    Sunday 26th April 2020, 12:59AM
  • It looks as if the parents of Ellen Carew (b. 1839) may well be Edmund Carew and Bridget Morrisey. Does anyone have an idea as to how I can gain further information on them?


    Friday 16th April 2021, 01:54AM