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I am looking for my ancestor James Power who married Bridget Chandler or Chanler. Recorded as a farmer in Ireland. I have traced one son, James Power, who was born in 1828 in Carrigbyrne, County Wexford, Ireland, and died 6th June 1891 in Reefton, New Zealand. He married Bridget O'Brien in 1858 in Melbourne, Australia. She was the daughter of Edmund O'Brien and Ann Gleeson. Bridget was born in 1836 in County Clare, Ireland, and died 9th October 1913 in Nelson New Zealand.


Saturday 23rd October 2021, 11:31PM

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  • The names of this Anne Power's parents are James Power and Brigid Chandler. The date may be too late?(--Roots
    An Anne Power was born 26-Jan-1864
    in the parish of Adamstown in Co. Wexford
    Roman Catholic
    Parents: James Power and Brigid Chandler



    Sunday 24th October 2021, 11:30AM
  • Thank you Patricia. I will follow up this possible lead. Your response is much appreciated.


    Monday 25th October 2021, 04:14AM
  • Hello Robyn,

    I found the transcription for the church baptism of James Power at the Find My Past (FMP) website. He was baptized on 14 March 1825 in the Adamstown, County Wexford Catholic Parish. His parents are James Power and Biddy Chandler. Biddy is a nickname for Bridget.

    You’ll be able to access the transcription after you register with the FMP website. Registration is free. The transcription can be accessed at:

    Attached to the transcription is a link that will take you to a copy of the original Adamstown Catholic Parish baptism record for James Power. The baptism record comes from the National Library of Ireland. So that you can get to the baptism quickly, I’ve attached a copy of the register where the baptism is recorded.

    The sponsors or godparents for James are Thomas Chandler and Biddy Power. Thomas Chandler may have been Biddy Chandler’s brother and Biddy Power James Power’s sister.

    The copy of the original baptism record gives the additional information that at the time of the baptism, James and his parents were living in the townland of “Courtoil.” The actual spelling of this town is Courthoyle.

    According to a Google Map, Adamstown, by the shortest route, is 4.6 miles east of Courthoyle. See the Google Map at:

    Your information shows that James Power was from Carrickbyrne. The next Google Map shows that Carrickbyrne is only 2.7 mile southeast of Courthoyle by the shortest route:

    Attached to this reply are three Ordnance Survey Maps from the 1837 to 1842 time period.

    The first map shows the locations of the R.C. Chapel, the graveyard, the National School, and the Police Station in Adamstown.

    The second map is an Ordnance Survey Map of Courthoyle.

    The third Ordnance Survey Map is for Carrickbyrne.

    I am not sure however if James was baptized in the Adamstown Catholic Church. The Shane Wilson website shows there were two other Catholic chapels in addition to the parish church in Adamstown. These two chapels are in Newbawn and Cullinstown/Cullenstown. See the attachment labeled “Shane Wilson.”

    Courthoyle is closer to Newbawn than to Adamstown or Cullenstwon. A Google Map shows that Courthoyle is only 3.1 miles north of Newbawn, which means James may have been baptized here, rather than in Adamstown or in Cullenstown. See:

    You can see the location of the R.C. Chapel in Newbawn on the Ordnance Survey Map attached to this reply.


    The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage/Buildings of Ireland website, shows the name of the Catholic Church in Adamstown is Saint Abbans, which was constructed in 1835. This is ten years after the baptism of James Power, but Saint Abban’s may have been constructed on the site, or near the site of an older church in Adamstown, as other Catholic churches throughout Ireland were.

    For more information and a slide presentation of the exterior and interior of Saint Abban’s Catholic Church, go to the Buildings of Ireland link at:

    The Buildings of Ireland website also shows the name of the Catholic Church in Newbawn is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, constructed between 1889 and 1896.

    In the “Appraisal” section of the information about the church, you’ll see that the present church building took the place of “a spacious modern cruciform structure [1806] of the Ordnance Survey (surveyed 1840; published 1841…”

    This refers to an Ordnance Survey Map dated 1840 of the location of the old R.C. Chapel in Newbawn, which, as noted earlier, is attached to this reply.

    For more information about the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Newbawn, and a slide presentation of the church, go to the Buildings of Ireland link at:

    Unfortunately, the Adamstown Catholic Parish baptism record for James Power, doesn’t specify if he was baptized in the Adamstown church or the Newbawn Church.

    I next located the FMP baptism transcription for Thomas Power. He was baptized in the Adamstown Catholic Parish on 7 December 1827. The baptism transcription gives his mother Bridgt’s maiden name as “Malenor,” rather than Chambers. This may be the way her maiden name looks like in a copy of the original.

    You can access the baptism transcription at the following FMP link:

    I’ve attached a copy of the original baptism record for Thomas because it could be a challenge to find at the link from the National Library of Ireland.

    Thomas’s baptism record is attached to this reply and is the 3rd full entry down from the top. Thomas’s mother’s maiden name actually looks like “Chalenor. In spite of the spelling of the name, Thomas would be James’s brother.

    The baptism record also shows the residence of the father James, mother Bridget, and baby Thomas is “Courtoil,” which would be Couthoyle. The names of the godparents are Bryan Power and Mary Doyle.

    I didn‘t locate the baptisms for any more children of James Power and Bridget Chandler.

    I looked for the Adamstown Catholic Parish marriage for James Power and Bridget Chandler at the FMP website, but didn’t find it. I looked for the marriage in other Wexford Catholic parishes and other counties, but again came up empty.

    I went to the National Library of Ireland website to see the years the Adamstown Catholic Parish baptisms and marriages covered.

    I found that baptisms in the Adamstown parish begin on 13 January 1807, and are available until 14 March 1881. But there may be gaps in these registers.

    The National Library of Ireland site also shows that Adamstown Parish marriages are not available until 8 December 1840, much too late to have record the marriage for James Power and Bridget Chambers.

    But I also found there are Adamstown Catholic Parish registers of death or burials. These are available from 27 December 1823 to 30 January 1832.

    I looked for the death records for any people named Power/Powers and Chandler who died in either Courthoyle or Carrickbyrne, but found none.

    I thought that the year 1807 would have been too late to have recorded the Adamstown Catholic Parish baptisms for James Power and Bridget Chandler, but I looked for their baptisms anyway, but didn’t find them.


    Back at the FMP website I next looked for the circa 1836 County Clare baptism for Bridget O’Brien, daughter of Edmund O’Brien and Ann Gleeson. I didn’t find her baptism or the baptisms for any children of Edmund O’Brien and Ann Gleeson. I also looked for O’Brien baptisms under the alternate surname spellings of O’Brian/O’Bryan/O’Bryen/Brien/Brian, etc and Gleeson/Gleason, but came up empty.

    I also looked for but didn’t find a marriage records for Edmund O’Brien and Ann Gleeson, but did not find a marriage record in County Clare or any other county in Ireland for them.

    With Kind Regards,

    Dave Boylan


    Tuesday 26th October 2021, 01:34PM

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  • Hello Dave,
    I am blown away by all the information you have sourced and forwarded to me. I was at a loss as to how to find out anything about my Irish ancestors. I am so grateful for your time and everything you have sent me. It is amazing. It is always exciting to learn more about my ancestors. Thank you so much for helping me.
    Kind regards,


    Wednesday 27th October 2021, 05:00AM
  • You're welcome Robyn, and many thanks for your reply.



    Thursday 28th October 2021, 09:29AM