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I am searching for information on my 3Xs Grandparents: Michael Carroll and Elizabeth Duignan/Dagnan.  I found both families living in Tibohine in The Griffith's Evaluation.  Both Michael and Elizabeth (Betty) were from Tibohine.  (I received this information from a family member's grandmother). They both moved to Manchester, England where they were married.  I am going to list their children because they families used the naming tradition for generations.  Michael, Francis, James, William, Mary Ann, Joseph, Thomas.  Any help would be greatly appreciate.


Tuesday 18th Jun 2024, 04:25PM

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  • The following Carrolls and Duignans were in Tibohine in 1825 in the Tithe Applotment Books. Name of townland follows first name.

    • Carroll           John    Buckhill         Tibohine        Roscommon  1825
    • Carroll           John    Clonard         Tibohine        Roscommon  1825
    • Duignan        Pat      Aughoreen    Tibohine        Roscommon  1825
    • Duignan        John    Aughoreen    Tibohine        Roscommon  1825
    • Duignan        John    Colgariffe      Tibohine        Roscommon  1825
    • Duignan        Pat      Moyne           Tibohine        Roscommon  1825
    • Duignan        Pat      Moyne           Tibohine        Roscommon  1825


    I hope this is helpful.


    Tuesday 18th Jun 2024, 06:21PM
  • Hi,

    Based on a tree on Ancestry, I am adding some dates that might help others researching. Michael and Betty were married in 1849 in Manchester. Per census records, Michael was born around 1828 and Betty was born about 1831. Per their wedding record, Michael's father was Michael and Betty's father was James.

    Regards- Mary


    Tuesday 18th Jun 2024, 06:27PM
  • There were three Carrolls in Tibohine listed in the 1796 Flax Growers List.
    Carrol            Bryan                Killummod            Roscommon

    Carrol            James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon

    Carrol            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon

    Carrol            Marcus               Creeve               Roscommon

    Carrol            Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon

    Carrol            Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon

    Carrol            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon

    Carroll           Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon

    Carroll           James                Kilglass             Roscommon

    Carroll           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon

    Carroll           John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon

    Carroll           Martin               Elphin               Roscommon

    Carroll           Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon

    Carroll           Michael              Killukin             Roscommon

    Carroll           Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon


    And there was one Dignan.


    Dignan            James                Kilmore              Roscommon

    Dignan            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon

    Dignan            Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon

    Dignan            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon





    Tuesday 18th Jun 2024, 06:30PM

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