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In search of any information on Cassie McCloskey was born circa1876 and lived in Mullans, Killymard, Donegal with my Great Grandmother, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Monaghan. Cassie was my Great Grandmother's older sister.

They are both listed in the Ireland census of 1911.

The two sisters remained in Ireland after Elizabeth's husband, Hugh Monaghan, and their 4 children emigrated to America by 1920.

I am told that Elizabeth may have passed away circa 1970.

Cassie and Elizabeth's mother was Bridget Brennan and their father was, Hugh McCloskey.

I don't know where either one of them are buried, but, I would guess their familyworshipped at Old St. Mary's Church.

James O'Malley

Friday 30th Aug 2019, 09:56PM

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  • Volun teers: Here is a an earlier message and response on this family.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 30th Aug 2019, 10:18PM
  • Hi...Thank you for your efforts. However, the age and surname of the attached link's "Cassie" doesn't match up with the "Cassie" McCloskey born circa 1875, daughter of Hugh and Bridget...sister of Elizabeth.
    Again, Thank you

    Still Looking,
    Jim O'Malley

    James O'Malley

    Monday 2nd Sep 2019, 04:14PM
  • Hi Miriam
    Yes, that is Cassie's birth record! (Mother's maiden name was Brennan) and Father was Hugh.
    AND...the Mary Monaghan Connolly was my Grandmother's sister....AND Hugh Monaghan must be the one mentioned in the article....
    As far as I know, Cassie didn't leave Ireland. Nor did Elizabeth, her younger sister (my Great Grandmother)
    Please, email the newspaper article to me...
    I am SO thankful for your enthusiasm and time....

    James O'Malley

    Tuesday 3rd Sep 2019, 02:13PM

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