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Good Morning,

I am researching my McCabe family in County Meath.  The children were baptized in Castletown-Kilpatrick.  Online I found that the civil parish equivalent to Castletown-Kilparick is Clongill. Is fthat correct?  If so, why can't I find Clongill in the 1821 census?  There is nothing at all from that Parish.  If Clongill is incorrect, can you please tell me the correct civil parish equivalent for Castletown-Kilpatrick?

Thank you for your time.



Monday 18th March 2019, 01:20PM

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  • hkftbl:

    Welcome back to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Roots Ireland has an explanation regarding the 1821 census records for Co. Cavan that indicates which 16 civil parishes (out of 36) had records that survived. Clongill was not one of the 16 parishes with records.

    Roger McDonnell

    The Census of 1821 was taken on 28th May 1821. The original census was destroyed in the Four Courts fire in 1922 but returns of 16 parishes from County Cavan had been copied and stored in Cavan Courthouse until they were later transferred to the Public Records Office – now the National Archives. Returns for the following parishes have survived:

    AnnagelliffeBallymachughCastlerahanCastletaraCrosserloughDennDrumlummanDrung and Larah (joint returns)KilbrideKilmoreKinawleyLaveyLurganMullaghMunterconnaught

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Monday 18th March 2019, 04:23PM

    Thank you but I'm looking in County Meath.  Are any County Meath townlands covered in the 1821 census?

    If so, where would I find Castletown Kilpatrick in County Meath in the 1821 census?

    Thank you for your time.



    Tuesday 19th March 2019, 09:38PM
  • Sorry! Misread the message regarding your county of interest.

    Castletown Kilpatrick is an RC parish. Castletown civil parish and Clongill civil parish plus some other civil parishes are included in the RC parish of Castletown Kilpatrick.

    Looks like Clongill civil parish in Meath and Castletown civil parish in Meath were not included with the 1821 census records which survived. The records which survived were in the Navan area. 


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Wednesday 20th March 2019, 06:59PM
  • Thank you.


    Wednesday 20th March 2019, 08:13PM