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Alexander Long;s death record on RootsIreland lists Maggie Irvine as his granddaughter being present at his death.  His wife's Ellen's death record lists a Scott Irvine as being present. Then, the 1901 census for Robert Wray's family list a Maggie Irvine as sister. 

I found that Alexander and Ellen had a daughter, Catherine Long who married a Matt Irwine, son of George in 1864 (Donaghmore Parish) according to RootsIreland Marriage record.  I realize spellings are not always correct.  

If you can help me confirm the first and last name as either Scott, Stott or Matt Irwine or Irvine it would be extremely helpful. Also, I have found records in Illinois USA of a family (Stott Irvine and Catherine Long) and am wondering if this is may actually be them.   

Or, is Maggie Irvine's actual maiden name is Wray since their other daughters both married a Wray. I am very confused at this point and any help is always appreciated.



Monday 12th July 2021, 04:47PM

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  • Charline:

    See second record. The groom is Stoll Irwine according to the form but see below likely the name was Stott.

    They had at least eight children: Alexander 1865 Sarah Elenor 1867 Robert George 1868 Margaret 1868 Joseph 1873 Mary Anne 1874 Margaret Jane 1876 Catherine 1878

    The father is transcribed as Stott four times Stot twice Matt once and Scott once

    They lived in Carricknamanna townland in Donaghmore civil parish.

    See eighth record for Margaret (Maggie) Irwine in 1870

    I did not see Maggie Irvine living with Robert Wray in the 1901 census. Can you clarify?

    I also did not see a marriage record for a Margaret (Maggie) Irwine.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 12th July 2021, 05:37PM
  • Roger, thank you kindly for this information.  It does clarify that Catherine married Stott Irvine.  As far as Maggie Irvine being listed as sister I have typed what I found on RootsIreland under the 1901 census record.  However, when searching the 1901 census on the National Archives website, I do not see any information regarding Robert and Margaret Wray family in 1901.  Here is what RootsIreland listed:

    Household number: 3; Address Ng Carrick Ng; District Killygordon; Parish Donaghmore; County Donegal

    First Name  Surname  Occupation  Age  Relationship Denomination  Marital Status  Origin

    Robert   Wray              Farmer                    76      Householder Church of Ireland  Married     Donegal

    Maggie Irvine               House Maid            24       Sister                  "                    Not Married  "

    Fanny Margaret Wray   Seamstress        27        Daughter            "                            "            "

    Robert   Wray                 Farmer's Son     34        Son                   "                               "           "

    Margaret Wray               Ng                       67        Wife                 "                       Married            "

    That's the record. 

    After typing it myself, I wonder if Maggie Irvine relationship is what is wrong.  Margaret Long Wray's sister, Catherine Long married Stott Irvine according to what you shared and they had a daughter Margaret born 1 Feb 1870.  Family Search has a record indicating a Margaret Irvine was born 1870 but died Apr 28 1870, age 0.  If this is her, then I'm still missing a Maggie who was present at Alexander Long's death in 1899. To make the matters more confusing, according to the 1900 Illinois U.S. census the family immigrated in 1890.   Also, is it possible that Stott Irvine and Catherine had 3 children named Margaret (one born 1868 - twin to Robert George?; Margaret born 1870; and Margaret Jane born 11876) so still working on this mystery.    

    You have been very helpful as I mentioned. I have a lot more research to do to unravel this one.  If you come across any more insight, I would very appreciative.



    Wednesday 14th July 2021, 05:03PM
  • Charline:

    I'm baffled where Roots Ireland got the 1901 census record. As you indicated, it does not matchup with any records on the NAI site.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 14th July 2021, 08:00PM