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I wonder if anyone can share a list of burials in the cemeteries in Bansha and Kiladriffe.

I am particularly interested in knowing if there is any record of the burials in the McCarthy family tomb that is apparnetly in the Bansha Cemetery.

Also any Peters, Crowley or Mockler burials which maybe in either cemetery.

I am already aware of Margaret McCarthy nee Powers headstone at the Kiladriffe Cemetery, she was my 3xgreat grandmother.

Thank you,

Michael Barker





Michael B

Saturday 15th Jan 2022, 05:11AM

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  • Hi Michael,  I know Headstone ins. for Tullamaine are in line, Will try to find out  are Bansha  and Killadriffe on 


    Christina  Irelandxo Volunteer.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 19th Jan 2022, 09:42AM
  • Hello Christina,

    Thank you. I would be very grateful if you can locate an online index.

    If they are not online, is there an authority, civil or church, who would maintain a register?

    Since asking my question I have seen two funeral notices for McCarthy individuals that said they were being buried in the churchyard at Bansha in 1987 & 1995 respectively, so I wonder who maintains the records?

    Kind regards,


    Michael B

    Thursday 20th Jan 2022, 04:59AM
  • Hi  Michael, if you google  Tipperary  Genealogy Newspaper articles you will find partial inscriptions For  Killadriffe/Killardy

     contributed by Joan Keogh.  Will try and find more on Bansha, as I feel it was enumerated.

    In the past ten  years have enumerated a lot of Headstone ins, all over Ireland.  Also   Tipperary Studies Digitisation Project

    have amazing material including headstone ins.

    You ask who maintains  the Graveyards, I presume you mean grass cutting etc, to the best of my knowledge this is done by  the local Co Council.

    If you live in Ireland you could get death notices for the two headstones you mentioned, It could give names of relatives.

    A lot of those Newspapers now on line.

    Let me know if you have any questions

    Christina  Irelandxo. Volunteer.







    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 20th Jan 2022, 08:52AM
  • Hello Christina,

    Thank you for those suggestions. I have now seen the partial transcriptions for Killadriffe.

    Sorry I should have been clearer with my question about cemeteries. I live in Australia where every cemetery has a register of the burials, not just those with headstones, and the register is kept by either the local council or a group who manage the cemetery (often a religious or non-religious Trust).

    Based on responses that I have received in County Clare, I understand that funerals were generally not recorded in the Irish Catholic parish records before some date in the early 20th century.

    I have read that Bansha Church cemetery contains a burial vault for the sole use of McCarthy family members and I would like to find out who is buried in that vault, if possible.

    I will write to the Tipperary County Council and the Bansha Parish, separately, to see if either can help.

    My McCarthy ancestors were Michael McCarthy & Margaret Power, who lived at Barnlough (they also referred to their home as Coolavunga). I have seen Margaret McCarthy nee Power's headstone which is in the Killadriffe cemetery (but not on that part transcription list), she died in 1852. Michael died later, probably before 1862, and I would like to know, if possible, where he was buried.

    Thank you,


    Michael B

    Saturday 22nd Jan 2022, 08:28PM
  • Michael, amazing material on  Bansha  on Wikipedia  including material on  The McCarthy vault.

    It does not list the names of persons buried in the Vault.

    Perhaps a query on the Nationalist Newspaper would help.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Christina  Irelandxo, Volunteeer.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 25th Jan 2022, 02:56PM
  • Thank you Christina. I have seen that material on Wikipedia and I wonder about some its accuracy. I am trying to locate researched sources and have read some material in a book that explains that particular family. I've written to the church parish  to see if they can tell me more about the burials, hopefully they will reply.

    Michael B

    Wednesday 26th Jan 2022, 10:14AM

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