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I believe Christopher William Campion HATTON (1830) was born in Dublin about 1830, to John Clerk HATTON(abt 1802) and  Sarah CONNELL (abt 1804). His siblings were John Thomas (b:1825); Agnes (b:1827); and Elizabeth Eleanor (b:1835). Christopher migrated to Australia in 1850s with his wife Jane Priscilla BUTLER and their baby son John Thomas born 1852. By this time he was a law clerk and earned a living here as a Conveyancer. His father may have been a coach builder. I have not been able to locate his extended family in Ireland, and would be grateful for any assistance. Thank you





Thursday 16th January 2020, 04:34AM

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  • Hi Val,
    I'm Stephen Hatton, great, great grandson of Christopher W.C. Hatton.
    I'm a part of the Australian side of the family. I have the family tree from John and Sarah in the 1800's but nothing further back than that in Ireland.
    My email address is if you'd like to chat.
    I was on today and saw the address where Sarah passed away, don't think it's the same building though.



    Steve Hatton

    Friday 10th April 2020, 07:41AM
  • Hi Steve and Val,

    I am Elizabeth Eleanor's great, great grandaughter. Elizabeth was baptized at Skelliglock on 25th March 1834. Her baptism certificate says her father was a lightkeeper. Elizabeth came to Australia with her parents John and Sarah. Elizabeth married a German musician, Johann Conrad Appel. From memory, I think her marriage certificate does list the occupation of her father, John Hatton, as a coach builder, but I need to  check that when I have the opportunity to go through collected documents again. Elizabeth and Johann ended up in the Tenterfield area - possibly one reason why contact with the family was lost. NSW historical bdm suggests that Agnes never married - she died as Agnes Hatton in 1888.  So neither of the Hatton daughters of John and Sarah were given any acknowledgement by Christopher in the death notices of their parents. So thank you Val for confirming their membership of the family.

    From what I have been able to ascertain over the years some time back, Sarah Hatton (nee Connell) was born in 1803 in Dublin. Her father was William, and a solicitor. I have in my records that John was the son of Thomas and Ellen Hatton, but this may not be correct. I will need to go back to John's death certificate to verify this. 

    I am particularly interested in Sarah's father, William Connell, and any connection he may have had to Robert Emmett or his trial. 





    Monday 17th May 2021, 03:21AM
  • Hi Monica, it is very nice to hear from another side of this family with whom we can share information.It sounds very much as if we are looking at the same family, with the same rudimentary information.   It is quite a number of years since I researched this family, but John Clerk has always appeared as a 'coach builder' on the copies of the cerificates I have. Am I correct in thinking you are descended through the Appel Line? I too would be interested in Sarah Connell's parents and their connection to the unrest in Ireland.  I belive they were part of a rebellion? My line is descended through Christopher W.C and Priscilla Jane Butler.; John Thomas Hatton and Matilda M.A. Blackie; Una Hatton and John J Power. My records a;so say that John's parents were Thomas Hatton and Ellen Connell - but there are no dates for them. It would seem their irish life is interesting, but difficult to access.  Is there anything in my part of the family you would like to know? Regards Val











    Tuesday 18th May 2021, 05:31AM