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Can anyone help please? I’m looking for  Church of Ireland baptism of Robert Mccleery 1832. I think it will be Dundalk. His father was Hugh and another brother John born 1824. 


Tuesday 30th March 2021, 03:52PM

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  • Message referred to local Co. Louth volunteer

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 30th March 2021, 08:36PM
  • Hello Jackied, there are no records of the births mentioned in Louth or any McCleery births in Louth, more later. There is a Hugh McCleery and Nancy Boyle with at least 4 Children born in Castledawson, Derry, they are Presbyterian. Baptism in one case is many months after birth date, there is no Hugh child, Robert is baptised in 1836 and the other children are the oddly named Dodrington in 1826, Betty in 1828 and William in 1838, search period 1820 to 1840. As they are Presbyterian the records are probaby from the Church of Ireland and it is possible if they used a different church the records are not available, they children are well spaced so to speak or did he marry twice.

    Meanwhile back in Dundalk I see a Hugh McCleary living in Chapel Street Dundalk in 1837 but see no births etc for Dundalk are, there is also a McCleary soldier in 1916 from WW1. 

    Catholic Church records for Faughart outside Dundalk do not cover the period but Dundalka and the southern side parishes do cover the period.

    The reference to McCleary was found here

    If any of that means anything let me know, when posting it is helpful to give religion if known, as pre 1864 in most cases we can only use church records.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Wednesday 31st March 2021, 02:41PM
  • Thank you Pat for your reply  John 1824 and Robert 1832 were born in Co Louth according to 1900 census  Hugh was mentioned as John’s father on his marriage certificate in 1858 but he didn’t sign as one of the witnesses so I presumed he had probably died by then  I am really stuck now I know most of the family stayed in or around Dundalk Perhaps I need to wide  my search  







    Wednesday 31st March 2021, 03:18PM
  • They were all Church of Ireland 


    Wednesday 31st March 2021, 03:20PM
  • Hi Jackied, just realised I made an error in not reading your heading when going over the query and you had supplied the religion. I looked at the census and see Robert in Antrim age 70 born Louth, batchelor, none of the McCreery in the Louth census of 1901 are of an age to be siblings. I checked this site and found the Dundalk Church of Irleand Registers are held locally which may be why they are not in the subscription sites, if you contact them they may assist but it would be prudent to offer payment for time involved in my opinion. there are also some registers for Louth online here, by the way Louth is in the diocese of Armagh in case that is throwing you, there are two counties Armagh and Louth, further confusion is Armagh is now in Northern Ireland and Louth in the Republic. 

    Oddly I could not find Roberts death here which has the civil death registers to about 1971 (1921 for Northern Ireland) that is a bit odd but maybe what every way it is transcribed it is not showing up as a variant. I only say one McCleery when I searched a lot of it for BMD, were they adverse to registering.

    There is a Louth Genealogy Facebook page, apply to join, also a Dundalk North End page of old photos and something might turn up there if interested. THere are no McCleery on the Louth Genealogy page at this time mind you.

    Happy Searching


    St Peters Louth

    Wednesday 31st March 2021, 08:04PM