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Seeking any information on the Cluny surname, as well as any possible descendants with that (or similarly spelled) surnames from Taghmon, Wexford, Ireland. 

Patrick Cluny was born in Taghmon, Wexford in 1769 and married Mary Doyle in 1789, in Wexford. 

A son, also named Patrick was born in Taghmon, Wexford on 17 March 1793.  He subsequently emigrated to the United States (Fall River, Massachusetts, US) and lived there. Some records show his craft as a tailor.  In the US, he married Sarah Allen on 2 August, 1821 and together they  had  nine (9) children.  He died in the US on 18 May 1862. 

One of his children was named John Coaquien and somehow his surname was changed from Cluny to Cluney.  John was born in Fall River, Massachusetts on 29 July, 1838 and died in Honolulu, Hawaii on 28 March, 1910.  I am the great-grandson of John Coaquien Cluney.

I have absolutely no knowlege of Ireland, towns and villages.  One day, I hope to visit.


Aloha to whoever read this,

John Cluney, Pukalani, Maui, Hawaii


Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 08:43PM

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  • John:


    The surname Cluny/Cluney must have died out in Taghmon parish not long after Patrick left. A search on the subscription site Roots Ireland did not show any Cluny/Cluney baptismal records in Taghmon. There were a few Cluny/Cluney baptismal records in other parishes with the last baptismal record in 1869. By the 1911 census there were no Cluny/Cluney individuals in all of Co. Wexford. 

    You may want to consider a DNA test to see if you have matches with individuals who have Cluny/Cluney connections.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 10:50PM
  • I can't find my previous query/comments that I left here a few months ago.    I am also looking for, and researching Patrick Cluny/Cloony/Cluney.   I have a copy of his Naturalization Papers which he testified his birth date 17 Mar 1793, place, date he came to US, which port, etc.    So we know he was born in or near Taghmon, in Wexford Co, IR.     I found a reference years ago showing what I think are his parents, a Patrick Cluny married a Mary Doyle in Wexford Co, with the date they married.   Unfortunately I did not get a copy that reference.   I have tried to locate it again with no luck.   This is what I have on Patrick:

    -----Naturalization papers  (3 pages) which gives his birth date and place,  and date they came to the US, (arrived in the US Aug 3, 1816 at New Bedford, MA) ...... The papers came from Bristol Co, Supreme Judicial Court  of 1842. 
    ----- "V.R. of Dartmouth to 1850" Marriages Vol 2, pg 300  shows Paterick MacLune 'a foreigner'  and Sally Allen Aug 2, 1821;   Is is possible his last name was a 'Mc' or 'Mac'????
    ------1820  Bristol Co, Dartmouth, census pg 565 - shows Patrick living alone and is a foreigner not naturalized yet.
    ------1830  Bristol Co, Dartmouth,census pg 353 -  they called him Patrick McClurey (I wonder if he used to be a Mc?)  married with 3 children, and another male his age, both not Naturalized yet.  (possibly a brother)?
    ------1840 Bristol Co, Fall River, census pg 275 
    ------1850 Bristol Co, Fall River, census pg 84
    ------1860 Bristol Co, Fall River, census pg 009 
    -------"History of New Bedford & Vicinity"/Ellis pg 576 states The land was on Allen Street and was donated by Patrick Cluney.....talking about St. Lawrence Catholic Church.  ------The first church in New Bedford, and, incidentally, in the entire diocese of Fall River, was erected in 1820. An interesting fact to us is that this first edifice, a rather poor structure costing about $800.00, and named St. Mary's, was located in what is now St. James Parish, on the corner of Allen and Orchard Streets. This small plot of land, bought from Edward and Lydia Wing for $80.00, was donated to the priest by a man named PATRICK CLUNY, who shortly after moved to Fall River. 
    ------ City directory of Fall River 1869,  lists Sarah Cluny, Widow, house Stafford Rd.
    -------Death Certificate on Patrick Cluney (shows his mother's name is Mary) 
    ------ Death Register of Fall River , pg 129 shows Patrick Cluny death May 20, 1862.
    -------He is buried in the Catholic Burial Grounds, Fall River, Ma. ;   His wife is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Ma, probably because she wasn't catholic.

    I was in close contact until about 10 years ago with a cousin, Wanda Peleholani in Hawaii.   We worked on this together for years, but just never came up with any proof of his parents.    I have been very upset with myself for not copying that source at the Dallas Public Library.   I never could locate that refernce again.   Kathy Heaton Wells, in Texas.



    Friday 12th Nov 2021, 08:19PM
  • Aloha,

    Wanda (now deceased) was my 1st cousin.  She did forward to me some of the communication/documentation from Kathy Heaton Wells. 

    In early October, 2021, I was able to visit Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River, MA, and located the gravesite of Sarah Cluny (who would be my great-great-grandmother), buried with the family of her daughter Priscilla and son-in-law William Francis and their two daughters, Emma and Edith.  While at Oak Grove, I also located the grave of her (Sarah's) eldest son, Joseph Harding Cluny, his wife Almy and children.

    Malama pono.


    Saturday 13th Nov 2021, 06:03PM
  • Hi cousin,   I didn't see/catch your name????     I was sad to know that Wanda had passed, although I feared that when I didn't hear back from her several years ago.     I used to send her packages from 'Texas' with texas stuff/foods, etc.   She sent me many times items from Hawaii.... LOL.    I also donated a couple of times to her cancer runs/walks she used to help with.    She was a very wonderful lady!!!

    But, I am happy that you are picking up where she left off on the Cluny line.    So, by chance have you seen any sign of the paper/source 'proof' we were looking for years ago about the marriage in Wexford Co, of Patrick Cluny to Mary Doyle?   I thought with them being Catholic it would be easier to find a record, but noooooo!    So I was hoping someone here from the Wexford area of Ireland might know where those type of records would be located, and might spot it.   

    Also, did you find Patrick's grave in one of the catholic cemeteries?   It states in the 'Old Catholic grounds', but doesn't state the name of that cemetery.   There are several catholic cemeteries, I hoped someone might find it,   If so, I am wondering if his mother 'Mary' might be buried near by.   I'm not positive she came to the US with him, but I'm thinking (without looking at my paperwork) that she might have been here also.

    Also, I need to find the letters I received from a man with the last name of Cluny, who lived(?) I think at a castle.    he had all kinds of old information about the Cluny's being 'rebels' of sorts, because they had become part of uprisings in that area.   He figured this was our line, and one guy went to prison.   We thought that could have been Patrick's father or grandfather.   But of course there was no proof.   Just a few old articles.   if you don't have those, let me know and if I can locate them I'll send them to you.

    As stated before, I am hoping someone there in Taghmon, or at least Wexford County, might be able to locate that marriage reference and send it to me.   I would be willing to pay, for a paper copy of that proof.

    Do you by chance have facebook?   If you would email me your URL or at least the name of your page, I am on facebook so we can talk more.

    Cousin, Kathy Heaton Wells.


    Sunday 14th Nov 2021, 07:26PM
  • Aloha,


    I was unable to locate the "Old Catholic Cemetery."  I now have a contact at Oak Grove Cemetery.  I will inquire with her some time this week.  I do need to be aware of the time difference.


    I did respond to your message.  Feel free to"friend" me on Facebook.  With a prior warning....  My political views turn FAR from liberalism.  I located your Facebook site as well.  I can try that route.



    John Cluney



    Monday 15th Nov 2021, 02:30AM
  • John,

    On the Cluny's, I'm thinking of contacting someone in the Catholic diocese of that area.   There has to be someone that is aware of where all those Catholics are buried from the early/mid 1800s.  I think it said on 'Stafford Rd' but I will need to look at Patrick's death record again.   If the Catholic cemetery was on Stafford Rd, I believe it has to be right down from where they lived.   And I think the Notre Dame Cem. is on Stafford Rd.    I'll get back to you on that.

    We might should talk more by way of facebook, and just post here when we find something.  I tried the other day to find a 'friend' button on your page, I know Suckerberg has changed a few things, maybe he did away with the 'friend' thing....LOL!    I doubt it, but I will look again.

    No problem from me on the politics..... my politics are far from the left also.    I think quite a few are feeling the results of the liberal fanaticism!!! 

    Cousin, kathy  


    Monday 15th Nov 2021, 04:32PM

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