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Hi there,

I was hoping someone may have information on a Collins family living near Fermoy in the 1800’s and possibly earlier.  It’s stated they are a very old family from the area. 

It is believed Bartholomew Collins (1812-1847 Ballynafauna or Ballinafauna? Fermoy Cork) is my 4th great grandfather, a farmer who leased land from the Earl of Mountcashel ... 200 acres overlooking Blackwater. Died of pneumonia. Land was passed from Bartholomew’s mother to his wife Mary Leahy when he died. All the children were too young to run the land, she sold the lease of Mountcashel farm and gave to her brother in law a lease of another nearby. (I have no name or location of her brother in law).  She left for America in 1848 with her 3 children and the children of her late husband from a former marriage. They settled in Chelsea, Massachusetts. It’s stated she had family in Ohio in 1848 and stayed with them before settling in Chelsea. (I have not been able to locate this family.) Mary later married John Burke.

His 1st wife may have been Margaret Ahern (?-?) with possible children:
Mary (1829-?) Patrick Coleman and Honora Carthy listed as sponsors for baptism.
Thomas (1831 or 1833-1925) if I have the right Thomas, he would be my 3rd great grandfather. Michael Ahern and Johanna Ahern are listed as sponsors for baptism.
John (1834 or 1835-1907) John ? and Norry Leahy listed as sponsors for baptism.
All seem to be baptized Garrynoe or Garryvoe? Fermoy, Cork.

2nd wife was Mary Leahy Collins Burke (1815-1890) with possible children:
Kate (1838-?) Garrynoe or Garryvoe
Anastasia Maria (1840-?) Bonhave?
Ellen (1842-?) Fermoy
Patrick (1844-1905) Ballynafauna John Nolan and Joanna ? are listed as sponsors for baptism.

I’m hoping someone may have further info on the Collins, Ahern, and Leahy families. I’ve tried to locate the land records for Bartholomew and his mother, however no such luck. I also have not been able to identify his parents or grandparents.  I have information on children John and Patrick ... currently focusing on Thomas, Bartholomew and his parents, Margaret Ahern/parents, and Mary Leahy/parents.

Thank you!


Saturday 9th January 2021, 07:17PM

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  • RootsIreland has transcriptions of baptisms of the following children for Bartholomew and Mary:
    ViewChurch BaptismCollinsCatherine1838Co. Cork
    ViewChurch BaptismCollinsAnastatia1840Co. Cork
    ViewChurch BaptismCollinsEllen1842Co. Cork
    ViewChurch BaptismCollinsPatrick1844Co. Cork
    If you have any questions, please email me at


    Saturday 9th January 2021, 10:52PM
  • Tresa,

    Ballynafauna and Garrynoe are in the Church parish of Fermoy and the Civil parish of Clondulane.The baptisms of the children are in Fermoy and the land ownership of earlier records, for example the Tithe Applotment Book records are in Clondulane. I have looked up the records and the information I obtained is quite different than you have listed e.g. the names and dates of birth of the children. I don't think that Mountcashel owned the land on the south of the river. The Hyde family of Castlehyde owned many of the surrounding townlands, Denehys owned Ballynafauna and there were several owners of Garrynoe, I think. Bartholomew Collins leased 4 acres in Garrynoe in 1828. I live in Strawhall which is close to Ballynafauna and Garrynoe so would have a good bit of local information. You can email me at and we can discuss details by email.

    Best wishes, Kieran Jordan

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 9th January 2021, 11:01PM