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Colonel John Patrick O'KELLY of Aughrim

Seeking information about Colonel John Patrick O'KELLY of Aughrim and his family.

There is an account (known as the O'KELLY Letter) written down in 1932, from a version reputedly recounted in 1798 by Diarmud KELLY of Knocknahilla, Mullagh, West Clare, to his son John and his brother, Patrick's, sons (Teige and Patrick) that Colonel John Patrick O'KELLY, 'hereditary Prince of Hy Maine', raised an army - the 'Connaught Regiment' - in 1744 to fight for Charles Edward, 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', in Scotland at the Battle of Stirling.  Colonel O'KELLY was killed at the Battle of Falkirk 1746. [Source:  'The Kelly Family of Kilmaley' by Tony MORGAN].

His widow, Eileen O'KELLY (nee McNAMARA) and her sons (Diarmud, John, Thomas and Morty) apparently fled to her native county, Clare.

According to O'Donovan J, The Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many, commonly called O'Kelly's country (1843)  p123, Colonel John Patrick O'KELLY's family 'was one of the most illustrious branches of the O'Kellys'.

Daryl Murphy (


Tuesday 8th January 2013, 07:01AM

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  • I received the following email today from Joe Kelly of the Kelly Clan Association: From:Joe Kelly (, 28 February 2013 10:28:45  'Hi. I have your enquiry from Mary Mc of Aughrim.Off hand I have no information but I will pass it on to our Clan historian and get back to you. He sounds an interesting man and one we would like to know more about.Keep in touch with ? Kelly matters by visiting our web, and if you do not mind I will put a post on our 'Blarney' chat forum.' I'm looking forward to hearing again from the Association and I will post their response.



    Thursday 28th February 2013, 04:08AM
  • Have you found anymore information on Colonel John Patrick O'Kelly? I don't see him in the Ui Maine or Hy Many Pedigree. If he is an Aughrim Kelly of the Hy Many my assuption would be he is a branch of William O'Kelly gernation 30 from Maine Mor and the 9th grandson of King William Boy O'Kelly. Is there any male Kelly's of the this line living who may be able to test their Big-Y DNA with Family Tree DNA?


    Michael C. Kelly of the Hy Many


    Monday 5th December 2016, 01:34AM
  • I was wondering if any Kellys in this line have done a Y-DNA test. I have been doing some research using DNA Painter and a few of my autosomal matches claim descent from Colonel John Patrick O'Kelly and the shared segment matches a segment from known Kelly relatives. But these matches also have another Kelly in their ancestry. 

    I am still waiting to afford an upgrade to my nephew's y-DNA y67 to a BigY test. But using other prediction software, I believe my nephew's haplogroup is in the R1b-(L21)-Z2534, Irish Type III group.

    I have information on that test on my personal website:   His closest matches all appear to descend from David O'Killia, " the Immigrant of Old Yarmouth Massachusetts." who was a much earlier immigrant to the U.S. My family immigrated about 1867. Many David O’Killia genealogies claim descent from the Hy-Many (Uí Maine) Kellys, John MacTeige O’Kelly, Teigh O’Kelly, then Connor Na Garroghe O’Kelly. But the Y-DNA does not appear to support this.

    I have information on my great great grandfather, Michael Britt Kelley, here:  I believe his father, Andrew O'Kelly may have been a public house keeper and/or a schoolmaster in Bruff, County Limerick.

    I would be eager to know if my nephew is or is not a match to any Kelly descendant of Colonel John Patrick Kelly.

    Thanks, Dana Kelley Bressette

    D Kelley B

    Sunday 20th October 2019, 03:05PM
  • After I wrote the above, I did find this in the Kelly group list at ftDNA:

    R1b Group 19B [L21+>L253+>L226+] Irish Type III Brian Boru

    313502  KELLY  Col. John Patrick O'KELLY   b c1690 and d 1746   R-DC41

    R-DC41 is down line from Y4010/FGC5628, which is what another Kelly DNA relative tested to at 23andMe. His father was adopted, but I believe his father's biological father was a cousin of my father's...(but it is possible that the biological mother was my dad's cousin.)



    D Kelley B

    Sunday 20th October 2019, 03:29PM
  • I'm a born Kelly and I'm going to do the DNA  soon! 

    Thursday 30th January 2020, 07:44PM
  • I'm a born Kelly and I'm going to do the DNA  soon! 

    Thursday 30th January 2020, 07:44PM