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i am looking to find help searching my paternal lineage. my great great grandfather John Connelly, left ireland in mid to late 1800s, his first censor in england has Glenamaddy as his place of birth, in 1866, he married my great great grandma elizabeth winstanley,  i think he had two brothers James and thomas, but i am not certain, his father was Daniel J Connelly, not certain of his mother although i have found a name on a letter which looks like Honor diviliy 

he lived and died in st helens lancashire England and i think one of the brothers came over too

any help with this would be greatly appreciated, i am looking to drive over in spring 2022, however this is all dependant on the climate




Lee Connelly


Monday 10th January 2022, 07:27PM

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  • Lee:

    Baptismal records for Glenamaddy RC parish start in October 1838 I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and there was a December 11 1840 baptismal record for a  John Connelly in Glenamaddy with father Daniel Connelly and mother Mary Riely. There were a number of siblings to John but no James or Thomas. It is possible that James and Thomas were baptized before October 1838.

    I did not find any Connelly baptismal records anywhere in Galway in the 1840s/1850s where the mother had a maiden name of Divilly.

    The 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Boyounagh civil parish shows a Daniel Connelly and a Daniel Connolly both in Boyounagh More townland. Possibly there are the same person.

    Any other clues?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 10th January 2022, 09:15PM
  • Lee,

    Subscription site has a baptismal record for a John Connelly in the parish of Glenamaddy/Boyounagh on December 11th 1840. Father: Daniel Connelly and Mother: Mary Riely. Baptismal Sponsors: Thomas Conagh and Bridget Riely.

    There is a Patrick recorded for March 7th 1839

    Baptism and marriage records are from 1838.

    A Daniel Connelly is recorded in the Tithe Applotments Record for 1834 in the parish of Boyounagh. See attached.
    There are three others of the same name in other parishes.





    Monday 10th January 2022, 09:27PM

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  • Hi thanks guys for this, think I may have been put on a false lead by a friend on divily 

    I will have to start the trace again

    it would certainly explain why I can't find any link whatsoever with the name 

    I will post again when I get more info for more help I'm sure 

    thanks again

    Lee connelly 


    Friday 25th March 2022, 09:49PM