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My great-grandmother on my Dad’s mother side  was Sarah Conneely, married name Gavin. She lived in Gowlan, but it seems the Conneely’s also went by Connolly and came from Derrylea/Errislannon on the other side of Clifden.


It looks like we might have a link there with Billy Connolly somehow, but I get confused around the change of names. Likely Connolly’/Conneely links are Sarah/Michael Connolly(Connolly brother and sister). I believe Bartholomew Valentine Connolly, John Connolly, Jack Connolly  are Billy’s relatives from that area.


Does anyone know when or why the Connolly's and Conneely's changed their name? Even better, a link to a reliable Connelly/Conneelly tree that leads to Sarah and Michael?


Friday 10th January 2020, 12:03AM