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Corbetts from Limerick worked in Colonial India


I'm trying to find the parish of origin for my 2nd great grandfather, Denis Corbett who moved from Limerick to Chunor India sometime before 1870. His wife was Katherine who might have been his 1st cousin. A friendly DNA match of mine shared some information from a family history that "I have some of the Corbett family tree and a little typed family book and it says:

In the year 1840 or thereabout, Denis Corbett, Thomas McCullagh and Charles Gallagher, three young Irishment, came out to India as Artillerymen in the service of the Honourable East India Company. Corbett hailed from Limerick. Corbett was already married to his first cousin Kate Corbett. 


My grandfather, Owen J Maguire was born in Allahabad India in 1876, He attended school back in Ireland by the 1880s at Lakyle National School, Clonrush Parish, County Clare, where he later became a teacher.



Thursday 11th July 2019, 03:27AM

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  • Hi tj_moeller:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!  I have copied your post to one of our Limerick volunteers who may have some knowledge about the connections with India.

    I was interested in your connection to Lakyle National School in Clonrush  (now Whitegate parish).  I am not sure if the old school registers still exist, but I can contact a local historian there who has written a booklet with another historian about the townlands of Clonrush parish.  I will let you know on this thread what I can find.  

    You might find the link to the Clonrush civil parish records available through the Clare Library website useful:

    If you have any other information that you would like to share, please do so.  If you would like to email me directly you can do so at:

    Kind regards,





    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 11th July 2019, 09:46AM