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born in Donegal and emigrated to US around 1851.  Married to Bridget McCaffrey, also born in the 1820s.  Any info on relatives that may have stayed in Ireland would be fanastic.  We are visitng now and will be in Sligo for 2 nights-July 26 and 27, 2022.  Will make a day trip to Donegal.  Not sure if Cornelius had siblings who emigrated also or stayed here.  McCaffrey family was headed by Hugh McCaffrey born c.1782 and married Catherine McMannis and also went to the US.  Bridget had a brother John who also went to the US as a young man.

They all lived in southern Ohio or Northern Kentucky

Any research help would be fantastic.  Time is running out!!

Thank you so much!!

Barbara (Coyle) Montavon




Barbara (Coyle) Montavon

Tuesday 19th Jul 2022, 07:59PM

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  • The names you are researching are very common in Donegal, so it would be hard to pinpoint your place of origin without additional information..  However, I see Clondavaddog parish written under you post. If the family was from that parish, the following Coyles, with their townland, were listed i Griffith's Valuation in 1857:

    Coyle , Anthony , Gortnatraw North

    Coyle , Bernard , Rosnakill

    Coyle , Bryan , Ballyhooriskey Island

    Coyle , Bryan , Ballyhoorisky

    Coyle , Columb , Gortnacor

    Coyle , Daniel , Gortnacor

    Coyle , Denis , Meentagh

    Coyle , George , Corry

    Coyle , Hugh , Ballyhoorisky

    Coyle , Hugh , Gortnacor

    Coyle , Hugh , Meentagh

    Coyle , James , Gortnacor

    Coyle , John , Ballyhoorisky

    Coyle , John , Bunnaton

    Coyle , John , Tonbane Glebe

    Coyle , John , Tully

    Coyle , Kate , Gortnacor

    Coyle , Margaret , Ballyhork

    Coyle , Michael , Gortnatraw South

    Coyle , Michael , Tully

    Coyle , Owen , Muinegh

    Coyle , Patrick , Bunnaton

    Coyle , Patrick , Duntinny

    Coyle , Peter , Lurgacloghan

    Coyle , Sophia , Lurgacloghan

    Coyle , Thomas , Legboy

    Coyle , William , Drumfad Upper


    Tuesday 19th Jul 2022, 09:06PM
  • Hello Barbara, 

    I am sorry to say but not great news, unfortunately Cornelieus Coyle and Bridget McCafferty and all these names that you have provided on the ancestor profile HERE are all born well before 1847. The year of 1847 is the very first year that Church Registry started to be recorded by the Catholic Church in the Parish of Clondavaddog (Fanad & Glenvar) followed later by Civil Registration in 1864

    St Columba's Church, Massmount - Birth and Marriage Registration started in 1847 

    The list provided is correct (thanks Patricia) with Coyle being the top most notable name (x 27) in the Griffith Valuation back in 1857. In reality, it could be any one of these Coyle families and the townlands given are spread out over a large area that is Clondavaddog (The Fanad Peninsula).  


    I researched Cornelieus Coyle and Bridget McCafferty in family trees on the ancestry website and have come across your family Tree. family tree  

    I have checked both my friend Patrick Coyle and my own DNA against each individual (owners) who have Cornelieus and Bridget in their tree and none of the names below are coming up as a DNA match or connection. 

    • Tricia Crabtree, Barbara Montavon, Leahy Maeve, susanmbutler1947, MaryBarryHerrmann,  


    This leads me to believe that either each individual above has not carried out a DNA test, which is unlikely, or unfortunately the Coyle family that you seek did not originate from Clonadavaddog (Fanad Peninsula). Could you maybe check this yourself on Gedmatch - A252964 (Callaghans), A702789 / A711707 (Coyles), 


    Seamus Callaghan 

    Clondavaddog Donegal, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 20th Jul 2022, 03:10AM
  • Now that I have done a little more research, I think Cornelius (b. 1823-29) was the child of John Coyle.  Still not sure what part of Donegal this Coyle family was from.  It only said he was from "Donegal" on the tombstone where he was buried in southern Ohio.   Does that mean he was from Donegal County or City?

    I think the Clondavaddog reference is without any backup, so probably should be disregarded.  It was just speculation.  

    My DNA results are on

    Thanks again,

    Barbara (Coyle) Montavon




    Barbara (Coyle) Montavon

    Wednesday 20th Jul 2022, 08:49PM

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