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Cornelius Regan son of Cornelius Regan and Honora Leary of East Skull, Cork

Cornelius was baptized on 21 Feb 1833.  He married Hanora (?McCarthy).... (Maybe the passenger records below list Hanora's dob incorrectly and she is really 27 born in 1830, not 37 born in 1820.  She could not read or write english.  That would make more sense. with the marriage to COrnelius and the children's birth)

I show a passenger list where a Hanora Regan (Ragen) arrived in NYC< NY on 4 Jun 1856 at age 37 with the other Regan's Pat-19, Dennis-15, Daniel-13, Mary-10, Thomas-7, James-5, Michael-2 Cornelius-2 and Johanna- infant.  

I know for sure, I (and my other cousins who are descendants from children of COrnelius and Hanora Leary Regan) have shared DNA with a Michael Regan (Ragan) from ireland who lived in Joliet, Will County, Illinois. The 1870 census shows him living with his mom, Hanora (a widow) and siblings Cornelius and Johanna.  These facts also agree with the 1880 census when Michael marries Maggie Dunn and is still living with his Mom and sister Johanna, who is also married to Matt Dugan.  Cornelius left home and married Sarah in 1880.  So that would make sense that Michael is COrnelius's son.  But what happened to dad Cornelius?

I have searched and searched but I can not locate the answers to the following questions.  Can you help?

(1) did my COrnelius Regan die in Cork County around 1856 when his daughter Johanna was born?

(2) do you know the marriage date and last name of his wife Hanora?  And who her parents were?  and if she had any siblings?

(3) Can you find baptismal records for their children - Michael, COrnelius and Johanna... and are there any more children?

(4) Who do youi think the other Regans traveling with Hanora were?  Pat-19, Dennis 15, Daniel-13, Mary-10, Thomas-7 and James-5.  Could they be siblings of Cornelius who settled in Paterson, NJ?  Cornelius had many siblings including a Mary Regan born 1846 and a Daniel Regan born around 1838 which does match their age... but i don't understand why some of them would go to Paterson, NJ and others to Joliet, IL  And Pat, Dennis, THomas and James don't match the records for the other children of Cornelius Regan and Hanory Leary.  

And clues or recommendations or documentation you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Maureen Clary 





Saturday 4th August 2018, 02:36PM

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  • Dear Maureen:


    Thank you for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.  I have contacted one of our volunteers in the West Cork area who may be able to assist.


    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 7th August 2018, 01:36PM
  • Hi Maureen,

    I have gone through the detail you sent me by email and have researched the family in Schull East and come up with the following.

    02 Feb 1823

    Marriage of Cornelius Regan to Hanora Leary, Witnesses. Denis Regan and Denis Leary

    24 April 1824

    Baptism of Mary of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: Denis Leary & Mary Cotter

    30 May 1826

    Baptism of Denis of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: Matthew Leary & Peggy Connell

    15 June 1828

    Baptism of Ellen of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: Will Donovan & Ellen Regan

    11 Oct. 1830

    Baptism of Michael of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: Edward Browne & Joanna Regan

    21 Feb 1833

    Baptism of Cornelius of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: Cornelius Leary & Catherine Cowhig

    02 Jan 1836

    Baptism of John of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: John Brien & Joanna Leary

    19 Dec 1838

    Baptism of Daniel of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: Denis Leary & Mary Coveney

    14 Feb 1844

    Baptism of Catherine of Cornelius Regan & Hanora Leary. Sponsors: James Coveney & Catherine Leary


    I have yet to look up Cornelius 1833 later life and cannot so far find a wife Hanora for him having looked briefly from his birth in 1833 to 1870 in the combined Diocese of Cork & Ross. will get back to you asap.

    ​Kind regards,
    Frank Fahy


    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Tuesday 7th August 2018, 11:45PM