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I am looking for any information on the Costigans that lived in the Cahir area.  My 2 great grandmother, Bridget Costigan (c.1801) was married in Cahir Church 9 Feb 1834 to John Keeffe.  We think she was from nearby Mortelstown, but don't have any record to prove.       Cheers, John O'Keefe, Madison, Wisconsin US

John O'Keefe

Saturday 29th June 2019, 01:40PM

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    Hi Mirian,  Very kind of you to reply.  After John Keeffe(O'Keeffe) and Bridget Costigan were married at RC Parish of Cahir in 9 Feb 1834, they next appeared in Coolmoyne, Fethard RC, Tipperary. Their first child Jude was born there on 23 Nov 1834.  I have the baptizmal record of Jude, and the next five children of John and Bridget.  They likely lost their son John Keeffe, and I think I find his burial at St. Marks Famine Cemetery in Cashel -  age ten years old 1838-1848.  They likely lost Jude prior to their November 1851 immigration to New York, USA.  They lost their daughter Margarete, age 16 years upon arrival in New York.  I have not researched for Maria Costigan who appears on Bridget's marriage record, as I'm not sure where to start?  This in not the best information, but any clues you might add would be appreciated.  Kind Regards, John O'Keefe







    John O'Keefe

    Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 04:48PM


    Thank you kindly for the help. I've had very good luck researcing the RC Parish records for the births of the six children of John O'Keeffe/Keeffe and Bridget Costigan.  John and Bridget were married 9 Feb 1934 at Cahir RC parish, but had their first child, Jude, 23 Nov 1834 in Fethard RC Parish, lived at townland of Coolmoyne (Fennel).  I find the next five children in succession, up to the last child Ellen born 1 May 1845.  They immigrated to the U.S. in November of 1851.  Their death records listed their birthplace as 'Ireland' only.  I am going to research the Thomas Costigan you mentioned.  Bridget's, and John's, birth year varried depending on the document; ship's manifest, U.S., and death record. (both listed at c1801-1810).  The children Jude, and John did immigrate with the family, so I assume they were victims of the Famine.  Their sixteen year old daughter apparently died upon arrival in New York City.  I appreciate all the help you have given, and feel fortunate to have found out so much informaton after 45 years of research.   The Best, John O'Keefe





    John O'Keefe

    Thursday 4th July 2019, 01:26AM


    I am trying to find information on the 1833 Tithe Applomentments for Cahir Parish.  View the webpage from the NLI, I don't see Cahir/Caher as a listed parish in Tipperary. I have tried three different browsers, but no Cahir.

    I can find my Thomas Cositgan by searching  for the townland of Barnora, Cahir.  I am wondering if there is an alternate name for Caher/Caher that I am missing?  I am trying to connect the families of Costigan and Keeffe that both appear in this townland close to the same time period.  Thank you in advance, and I am confident that I am close to solving our family puzzle thanks to your help.   John O'Keefe




    John O'Keefe

    Thursday 4th July 2019, 11:14AM

    Hi Miriam,  I too found that error today, and am currently making a list for further searches.  The tips you gave me were extremely helpful, and I feel that I'm close to finding my Costigan and O'Keeffe's in Cahir.  Life is Good!  John O'Keefe




    John O'Keefe

    Friday 5th July 2019, 01:55AM
  • Hi all 

    These Costigan's are buried in Loughkent which is in Newinn and are from Castlecoyne 


    . Here lieth the body of/ Ellanor Costigan alias Hef/fernan who depd this life/ January
    17th 1820 aged 54 yrs/ also her husband Michael/ Costigan who depd this life/
    August 21st 1824 aged 60 years/ Erected by John Costigan/ of Castlecoine/ RIP

    . Erected by James Costigan/ of Castlecoine to the memory/ of his wife Catherine
    Walsh/ of Kilcomminmore who/ deprd this life April 22n 1808/ aged 32 years/ the
    above named Jams/ Costigan who died June/ the 28th 1836 agd 69 yrs/

    . Erected by Edmond Costigan/ in memory of his father Thos / Costigan who died
    April 1821/ aged 75 years his mother Judith/ Costigan alies Ryan who died/ Feby
    1811 aged 60 yrs and his/ -:-ter Judith who died 1st Novbr/ 1831 aged 50 yrs

    . Here lieth the body of/ Wm Costigan of Cashel who/ depd this life Decr 20th 1806/
    aged 66 yrs also his son/ Thomas Costigan died Novr/1 - 1805 aged 28 yrs may their/
    souls rest in peace Amen

    Those headstones are side by side so they are the same family

    This headstone is in Mortlestown graveyard which must be a later member of that family

    Sacred to the memory of/ Daniel Costigan/ Castlecoyne/ who died 5 June 1925/ aged
    48 years/ His mother Ann Costigan/ died Aug 1933/His sister Johanna Byrne/ died Jan 1937/
    His son Jim Costigan/ died 31 st March 1990/ aged 71 years/ Jim's wife Bridget (nee Wall)/
    died 15 th Aug 2000/ aged 82 years/ RIP

    This info may mean something to you in your future research 


    P J

    Friday 19th July 2019, 09:23PM
  • Thank you P.J.,  This is wonderful, and detailed information that I didn't expect.  I am building Costigan families from all sources from the earliest time period, and your information helps extremely much.  Thank you again for yuor efforts.    John O'Keefe


    John O'Keefe

    Saturday 20th July 2019, 09:57AM