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Coyles reaching back to Ireland

I'm interested in all things COYLE related!  IrelandXO I am reaching back!

Louis Coyle Birth USA, Pennsylvania 1962

Son of Sharon Coyle ", " 1936

Daughter of Louis H. Coyle "," 1902-1961

Son of John W. Coyle "," 1878-1911

Son of Henry Coyle "," 1852-1921

Son of Bernard Coyle Birth Ireland abt 1822, death 1884 USA, Pennsylvania

Ireland Reaching Out

Wednesday 26th October 2011, 01:15PM

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  • I finally found the Obituary for Bernard Coyle after searching on Google.  This was mistakenly listed under Lydia Wilhelm, Bernard's Spouse, as follows:


    Easton Daily Express, Thursday, July 17, 1884
    Bernard Coyle
    Another old resident of South Easton, will known and respected by the many who for years past have been his friends and fellow-citizens, has passed to the world beyond. Just as the whistle announced the arrival of noon yesterday the spirit of Bernard Coyle wended it's way in the realms of eternity.

    Mr. Coyle was born in County Caven, Ireland, in 1819. When but a few years his parents emigrated to America and settled at Mauch Chunk. All the education he possessed was obtained in the then crude schools of Luzerne County. His boyhood days were spent in the mines and on the canal as a mule driver. In 1943 he gave up this business and connected himself as teamster for the lumber firm of the Messrs McKeen. With them he remained until 1857, when the panic induced him to retire to a small farm in Williams Township near what is now the South Easton Borough line. In 1866 he removed to Chester, but returning to South Easton in 1869 he has since engaged there in the handling of coal and wood.

    In 1846, the deceased was married to Lydia A. Wilhelm, by whom he had four sons, Thomas, John, Henry and William, and two daughters Sarah, wife of Terence McCabe and Mary, who died in May 1881. Of the survivors all live in south Easton except the eldest, Thomas, who resides at Perth Amboy. N.J.

    For some years the deceased has been suffering from a complication of diseases, chief among which was Bright's disease. He was however, enable to attend to his business until about nine weeks ago, when weakness compelled his retirement. He suffered greatly during the past two months, until death yesterday released him from the troubles incident human life and wafted his spirit into the joys of the world beyond.


    Ireland Reaching Out

    Wednesday 26th October 2011, 01:16PM
  • Hello Louis (I presume?!),

    do you have idea which county or better still parish any of the Ireland Coyles came from? Without this information, the search is difficult.



    IRO Office

    Ireland Reaching Out

    Wednesday 26th October 2011, 01:16PM
  • Hi Dolores,

    I am Louis Coyle.  I have been researching my Ancestry for several years now.  I have utilized, Church, Cemetery, and Library records and found all details and supporting documents for my lineage except for the most important person, Bernard Coyle.  Bernard is our ancestor who emigrated during the famine I believe in 1844 or 1845.  I believe he traveled with a relative (family lore indicates a Brother, possibly a twin, named William).  Bernard was born in 1822 in Ireland.  My current impression is the county was either Roscommon or Donegal.  I have census and IRS tax documents indicating his residence in the US and occupation initially in horse wagon repair and subsequently he ran an Ice and Coal delivery service with his Sons.  HIs "origin" is simply listed as Ireland.  He and Lydia Coyle raised six children.  He died in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1884.

    I was so excited to read about IrelandXO in the NY times last week.  I am hoping to connect with my extended Coyle family in Ireland and subsequently come to visit.  Any help you or others can provide will be appreciated and I am willing to compensate/ donate towards this cause. 


    Louis Coyle


    Ireland Reaching Out

    Wednesday 26th October 2011, 01:17PM
  • Hi Dolores,

    Yes I'm Louis Coyle.  The information I have only indicates "Ireland" as Bernard's origin (US Census and IRS tax related documents).  I have thoroughly exhausted resources available through  My research leads me to believe the county of origin is either Roscommon or Donegal.  Any suggestions or help provided will be appreciated.  Of course I am willing to pay (or donate) for same.



    Ireland Reaching Out

    Wednesday 26th October 2011, 01:18PM
  • We do not have professional genealogists on board and are only able to help with our own local parishes. I suggest you try the following:


    The Irish Family History Foundation (IFHF), the co-ordinating body for a network of government approved genealogical research centres in the Republic of Ireland (Eire) and in Northern Ireland.


    There is another site,, where you'll find the following links for Donegal and Roscommon:


    Comprehensive genealogical research service to those tracing their Donegal ancestors. Our database, compiled through the co-operation of the clergy and custodians of records throughout County Donegal, contains almost half a million records from the major genealogical sources.

    Ireland Reaching Out

    Wednesday 26th October 2011, 01:19PM
  • Hi Louis,

    I am here in the US and although not directly related perhpas it might be a clue for you. I will post info shortly.My husbands Coyles track back to County Cavan. Unfortunately I do not have a parish. 


    Saturday 1st December 2012, 01:42PM