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Craig ancestors came to Canada around the late 1830's.  They came from county Armagh.  Before that they came from Scotland.   Families that came to Canada are William Craig born around 1811 and wife Elizabeth Betsy Walker. His brother James born around 1815 married Rachel Cuhgan.  Cousin William born around 1803 married Margaret Wilson and h8s brother John married Agnes Cuhgan. They all settled in Fitzroy Harbour,  Ontario,  Canada.  Thank you for any help you can provide me.  Susie.


Thursday 26th May 2022, 12:05PM

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  • Hi Susie, had a look at records on Roots Ireland, subscription site and only one William born in Armagh and baptised in April 1809, father is Walter and mother Mary, Parish is Kilmore and townland is Crewcat, yes that is the name, it is between Portadown and on the road to Armagh. There are no other children to this couple or a James either 1800 to 1825, It is a Church of Ireland baptism (Protestant or Anglican) it may be that they were of another Presbyterian religion which do not have transcribed records or kept any, if they had no church they used the Church of Ireland.

    You will find Crewcat on this site in the 2nd Kilmore Parish, 

    It is necessary at this remove to have the religion to assess what church records survive, a lot of Church of Ireland records were lost when the Public Records Office in Dublin was shelled at the start of the civil war in 1922, you can check here 

    Also as Armagh is now in Northern Ireland you could check the PRONI site here 

    There is an Elizabeth Walker born in June 1812 in the parish of Loughall Church of Ireland, townland Kinego or now Kinegoe, it is north of Armagh city and close enough to the previous Crecut, the father is John and the mother is Elizabeth, the Church of Ireland did not for some reason record the mothers maiden name. There also appears to be a George Walker in 1812 (Armagh is all the address) and an Isaac born in 1819 and baptised in 1820, there are some other children to the same parents born at a different address in Kilmore,  Armagh so they may have moved or just chance. They are Robert in 1811 and Eleanor in 1810. I do not see a marriage for John and Elizabeth or James up to 1840.

    I am not the volunteer for Armagh but noticed this was not answered, if you care to look you may find a private page or pages on Facebook for Armagh genealogy, most counties appear to have a few, the parish of Kilmore is in Armagn but there is a parish and diocese of the same name in Cavan now in the Republic of Ireland just in case you come across it and get confused.

    Godo Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Wednesday 1st Jun 2022, 09:32PM
  • Hello Pat. Thank you so much for responding and for all that information.  I will check out all those sites.   Thanks aga8n for taking the t8me to respond.   Very much appreciated.   Suse. 


    Thursday 2nd Jun 2022, 09:48PM
  • Suse

    Thursday 2nd Jun 2022, 09:49PM

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