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Cusack family Moymore / Cloonteen 1820's to 1840's?

I have been researching the Cusack family who lived in Moymore/Cloonteen (recorded there during 1826 per the tithe applotment books, as well as parish baptismal records up to 1836).

I think they perhaps are the same Cusack family who show up in Quin (Carroroe/Dangan) just across the parish line by the Griffiths Valuation 1855? But this is just a guess, as I cannot seem to find any records that allow me to confirm or exclude this fact.

I was able to get back to Tulla by using my ggg-grandfather's U.S. Army enlistment records (1861 in Baltimore, MD), and his marriage license (1867, Missouri), on which he listed his father and mother's full names.

I have determined his father John Cusack, and his mother Margret Butler had several children. I don't know when either John or Margret died, but my ggg-grandfather Thomas Cusick emigrated in 1859, via a ship called Tonawanda from Liverpool to Philadelphia. He made the trip with a family by the name of Coffey, which consisted of Margaret Coffey, and her chidren Bridget and Patrick (another son John Coffey was either in Baltimore already, or came on a later ship).

There a many tantalizing clues i have come across over the years, and have only in the past year or so, been able to connect my ggg-grandfather Thomas to Tulla.

I would love to share info about this family, and will continue to perform research to learn more about them, the county, the parish and its history.

I wondered if the grave marked CL-TULA-0191 on might be related somehow?

Anyway, I guess I am just saying, "Hello!", and hope to make some connections and have fun learning and sharing in the knowledge!

Andew B, Austin TX


Andrew B

Monday 12th March 2018, 11:40PM

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  • Dear Andrew:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!  I am the Parish Liaison for Tulla with some Cusack connections of my own.

    I can tell you a little bit more about your family from the parish registers.

    Pat Cusack was baptised on 24 December 1830 to John Cusack and Margaret Butler of Moymore.  His sponsors were:  John Lillis and Margaret Flanagan.

    Bridget Cusack was baptised on 4 November 1834 to the same parents.  Her sponsor was Bridget McMahon.

    The Cusacks were also located in the Tyreera/Ballyblood area of Tulla and may have been connected to the Coffey/Coffee family who resided there. 

    There are others who are researching this same family and if you are interested in making contact with them, please let me know.

    You can email me directly at:

    It would be great if you could create an Ancestor Profile for Thomas Cusack.  You can do so through the XO Chronicles Tab at the top of the page.

    As to your query about the Historic Graves marker, it is possible that this could be an ancestor.  There are several Cusack headstones in the old section of the Tulla graveyard.

    I look forward to hearing.

    Kind regards,




    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 22nd March 2018, 01:34PM