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Daley Geoghegan Cavan ,County Cavan

Hi ,

My great grandfather was born 1864 in Cavan , County Cavan, (as was his brothers and sisters) John Geoghegan born 1864 , susan Geoghegan born 1872 , thomas Geoghegan b 1884 , Peter Geoghegan born 1888, Margaret Geoghegan born 1873 , mary born 1869

I am looking for information on the mother and father Susan Daley born abt 1846 in Cavan Ireland married Peter Geoghegan born 1843 her father I believe is James Daley born 1822 where ? Mother is Bridget Smith born 1830 Where ? I believe both in Cavan all died in USA susan in Waterbury Connecticut USA.

Info on place of birth ... i have a picture of him
Her husband Peter Geoghegan born 1843 Cavan maybe he died in Milford Connecticut USA 1915 lived in Waterbury Connecticut USA. His parents are Peter Geoghegan born about 1814 i think in West Meath . And Margaret/Margurite Gallagher born 1813 Meath Ireland they also died in Waterbury Connecticut USA from info i came across .. anyone have any questions please ask.

Ray Parker in Bridgeport Connecticut USA


Monday 2nd December 2019, 10:31PM

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  • HI Ray,  

    I am unsure if you have looked at the records available in Ireland, so forgive me if I am covering what you have already done. is a free site it covers civil registeration which started in 1864 for Catholics.  It would be a good place to start, if the marriage was before that you may find the marriage on, it is a subscription site, but you can sign up for a short time frame, not all the fathers are listed but I hope you are lucky.  Take a look at this site has the passenger records and hopefully you will find their journey to America, if you do it often states who they left behind and who they are going to.  

    If you cannot find details of their marriage, try and widen the family tree to include younger brother and sisters and that way you may find the details of the previous generation.  Look for their deaths and see who was present when they died, it also helps you tie up the relationships.  Keep an eye out for burial records on sites such as as volunteers are recording and putting the details up online all the time.  On you will find griffiths valuation, this site details the farms that were rented and the valuation was taken between 1847 & 1864, it wont definitely identify your family unless you know their first names, but if you find them it will give you an indication of the size of farm they had if they were farmers.  

    Use records available on, look at the wills and the will extracts as I have found deaths that were not registered sometimes included on the will registers.  

    In America loook at the death certificates some include names of parents, likewise look at naturalization papers. 

    You can also contact Cavan Genealogy Centre they undertake commissions and may be able to help you further.
    Cavan Genealogy
    1st Floor, Johnston Central Library, Farnham St., Cavan 
    Tel: +353 (0) 49 4361094

    I hope I have give you some direction.  

    Regards Carmel O'Callaghan


    Bailieborough Cavan

    Wednesday 4th December 2019, 11:22AM
  • Carmel,

    Hi i want to wish you the very best now and always more so now at this time of year ,
    I have been at this sence 1970 "I CAN NOT STOP! With hrlp from you and other like you some of the information that I have i would most likely would not have .
    Therefore Carmel I thank you Again. The two sites below I know of and i have found some information from them well more than some . i am a Member i just have to find the fees at this time it is tough but oh well .
    I well give or send an email to the cavan site and find out the cost . The search i did in 1980 for a 5 hour sesrch on the Reilly gave me most of the information that i have on them. And suggested a futher search done on the Reilly at that time i had ifo on great great grandparents Thomas Reilly born 1835 in Drumcrow cavan and Margaret McManus born 1839 Fermanagh. I have all sibbling of Margaret McManus and most of Thomas Reilly.

    I WILL DO All you suggest to do even look into all i have already done but what i have not yet. If you have any futher info on what to try please write again i welcome the help .

    If anyone that may have a connection to me or who would like any information that i have they just have to ask. I have irish and Scottish info on my ancestors that came here From England that for ever i thought were English but were not turn out from Ancestry . Com i have no English inmy Dna but i am 93 percent Irish. I have info on family from 1500s into the 1100s that are Irish or Scottish or Welsh.


    RAY Parker in Bridgeport Connecticut USA grew up in Milford Connecticut


    Wednesday 4th December 2019, 06:29PM
  • Thank you Ray for your kind comments.  

    Regards Carmel

    Bailieborough Cavan

    Wednesday 4th December 2019, 09:15PM