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Dalton’s of Barrettstown

I was wondering if this is a possibility.  My g-grandfather Patrick Dalton, was in Barrettstown from 1845 on, based on Griffiths Valuation.   There is also a widow Bridget Dalton there.  I found a birth of twin boys in 1806 to William Dalton and Bridget (honor) Kinsalagh from Grange, mooncoin.   Would a family have moved from Mooncoin to Barrettstown after 1820 (when their last child was born).  Maybe Bridget Kinsalagh Dalton inherited property there after her husband died. Might that be plausible?    I couldn't find any thing in the Wills.  Is there any place else I could look to see if land was passed down?


Tuesday 1st September 2020, 07:24PM

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    Thursday 3rd September 2020, 08:35AM