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I am researching my great great grandfather/mother - Daniel McCarthy (16/6/1834-22/6/1914) & Alice Culhane (?-12/9/1897) of Pullagh, Croom.

I've been unable to locate Alice's birth records or their marriage records.  In addition as I hope to visit Croom shortly and wonder is there any way of finding what graveyard they may be buried in?

Also it appears they had a son Patrick McCarthy (DOB 8/10/1879) who may have become priest/christian brother but I'm not sure where I could confirm this.

Any assistance or advice would be gratefully received.




Sunday 25th July 2021, 01:42PM

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  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 25th July 2021, 04:27PM
  • According to rootsireland, Daniel and Alice married in the Catholic parish of Croom, Co. Limerick, on 5 Sept. 1858. Witnesses: Patrick McCarthy and Margaret Costelloe.

    See marriage register here:

    There are eight children shown on rootsireland for this couple.

    I hope this is helpful.


    Sunday 25th July 2021, 05:03PM
  • Hi Damien,

    I am the Croom volunter. I have taken a search for some of the details that you have asked for. The marriage has already been located for you. The next thing you asked about is their burial place. I believe this to be Anhid Graveyard which is situated aprox 3 km outside of Croom on the main Cork Road and 3km from Pullagh . The link below should take you to

     Here you will find this inscription





    Date of death - day: 


    Date of death - month: 


    Date of death - year: 




    Given that your Alice died 12 Sept 1897 and this Alice is listed as 12 Sept 1857, I think that there is a transcribtion error and this is your Alice. 

    I will try and found out about her son for you. just give me a day or so.


    Croom Parish Liasion

    Sunday 25th July 2021, 08:47PM
  • Damian,

    Can you email me

    i have some info for you

    Croom Parish Liasion

    Sunday 25th July 2021, 09:34PM
  • Patricia

    Just wanted to say thanks for your help and that I have also been in contact with the Croom Parish Liasion who has provided me with a substantial amount of background information also.

    Thank you all.



    Tuesday 27th July 2021, 08:38PM
  • You are welcome, Damian!


    Wednesday 28th July 2021, 12:14AM