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Hi Everyone,

Facebook directed me here and I'm desperate for help. 


I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of where to take my search. I’ve been trying to find my dad’s uncles birth details and I can’t find them on Irish Genealogy / FMP and even the registry office can’t find him. I don’t know the year he was born so the details I have are:

Danny O’Brien - Born between 1911-1926.


Parents: Elizabeth Walsh & Michael OBrien

Address is possibly Rutland St, Dublin




I’ve been told he married someone called May Gavin and died in 1978. And he was a boxer but NOT the Olympian boxer by the same name! Apparently, he lived around Seanmcdermot street in Dublin. He lived in Ireland all his life and he definitely had children. He was catholic.


Does anyone have any idea of where to proceed next? I’m lost and I know some of you are more knowledgeable than me on these searches.

Thanks in advance,



Wednesday 18th August 2021, 11:22AM

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  • Christine:

    I also could not find a birth record for Daniel. Birth records are only available online thru 1920 on

    I did find this 1911 census record  Is this their your O'Brien family?

    Roger McDonnell 

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 18th August 2021, 04:41PM


    Hi Roger,

    Yes, that's the correct census for them.  It's extremely weird regarding the birth cert. I paid for a record search for after 1920 and still nothing. It's like he didn't exist!





    Wednesday 18th August 2021, 07:46PM
  • Christine:

    I had a lot of assistance from Shane Wilson one of our volunteers based in Dublin. He located civil birth records for three more children: James 1911 Michael 1916 and Mary 1918 (did the older Mary shown in the 1911 census die?). The record for Mary second record at this link shows the family were living in Glorneys Buildings and not on Rutland St.

    Presumably Daniel was born 1921-1926. Sometime later this year, the Irish government will add the 1921 births to their data base on    


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 19th August 2021, 08:57PM
  • Thank you so much Roger & Shane,

    I wasn't aware the Mary Anne had died but I found her death records.  I really appreciate all your efforts. I'll get back on for another paid search for Daniel.





    Friday 20th August 2021, 08:59AM