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My 4th great grandparents, Daneil Ryan & Mary Bohane were married in Kinsale on 22 Jan 1832.

They had 2 children baptized in that parish, John 1833, and Timothy 1836.

The family arrived in New York in 25 July 1837.  My 3rd great grandfather was born in New York.

I'm trying to find where Daniel and May lived.  The parish register says "B Road"?

I'll be in Kinsale later this month.

Thanks for any help,



Wednesday 13th April 2022, 08:35PM

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  • I’m not sure that the marriage record says “B Road.” Please see the link.

    Daniel/Mary marriage

    Baptismal records for the two sons have the place name transcribed as follows:
    Timy baptism—“Ramport”
    Denis baptism—“B. More”
    (I did not find a record for John.)

    Perhaps someone might look at the actual records at and see if they can decipher the writing.


    Wednesday 13th April 2022, 10:17PM
  • My apologies, John was baptized 11 Jun 1834, that's where the record looks like "B Road"

    I do wonder what the B stands for.  

    I hadn't found Denis, thanks for that.  Sadly, when the family arrived in New York City, John and Timothy were the only children with Daniel and Mary.


    Thursday 14th April 2022, 07:12PM
  • Its possible the B stands for Bally.  So B. More would be an abbreviation for Ballymore townland.


    Friday 15th April 2022, 12:27PM