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Daniel born c 1832.  Anne Halloran or O'Halloran b c 1812.  Looking for confirmation or dates of baptisms, parents names. .  Three known children....Daniel c 1832), Nancy (28 May 1835) and Martin (09 Nov 1837). 


Thursday 5th Mar 2020, 02:26PM

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  • Hi Tim:


    Thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.

    You will find the baptism entries on the Clare County Library website.  They are under the civil parish of Kilnoe.  Looking at them, I find the following information (although with some discrepancies)

    1.  Daniel Vaughan baptised to parents:  Daniel Vaughan and Mary Kelly dated 12 September 1858.  Address was Derra and sponsors were:  Michael Hogan and John Moloy.

    2.  Nancy Vaughan baptised to parents:  Daniel Vaughan and Nancy Halloran (Nancy is a common nickname to Anne).  Baptism record dated 28 May 1835.  Residence was Ballymalone.  Sponsors were:  Martin Halloran and Betty Cahill.

    3.  Martin Vaughan baptised to parents:  Daniel Vaughan and Anne Halloran.  Baptism record dated 7 November 1837.  Residence was Derra.  Sponsors were:  Pat McNamara and Margaret Vaughan.

    You can view the above three entries at the links.  The register is very clear so the entries are reasonably legible.  

    There is a Daniel Vaughan residing in Ballymalone townland in the Griffith's Valuation.  You can view this link at:

    If you type in his name and the townland of Ballymalone, and the civil parish of Tomgraney the page will load for you.  He is listed at Entry 15 b with the two Hills occupying a house office and lands of 100 acres.  

    There is a Vaughan family living in Ballymalone in the 1901 Census.  It appears that Daniel Vaughan born in 1858 is the same person (aged 64) as listed.


    I think that your Daniel Vaughan born in 1832 was most likely baptised before the register began (which is November 1832).  It is possible that his son, Daniel Vaughan was married to Mary Kelly, and the children listed in the 1901 Census are his grandchildren.

    You might take a look atthe following two links from the Clare Library website:

    I know of some locals in that particular area of Ballymalone who I can ask if you wish.  Please email me at: if you wish for further information.

    Kind regards,





    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 6th Mar 2020, 04:06PM

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