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Delia Cecilia BANNON and her Burke and O'Grady relatives

My grandmother Delia Cecilia Bannon left Kinvara in 1885 to emigrate to Queensland, Auastralia.  Her two sisters, Kate-Anne Bannon and Ellen Bannon, stayed in Kinvara.  Kate-Anne married Martin O'Grady in 1898 and Ellen married Richard Burke in 1891.  I am wondering if any of their descendants are still in Kinvara or nearby.  The O'Grady family was well known through their association with Mountain View. 

I have visited Kinvara several times and have written a book about Delia, my namesake.

As her grand-daughter, I would love to hear from any locals who are connected to her or her family.

Delia, from Melbourne, Australia.  


Wednesday 20th May 2020, 11:24AM