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Devery Family from Ferbane

I'm looking for more information about my gg grandfather James Devereux.  He came from Ferbane (per his obit) and settled in Utica,  New York about 1865. He could not read or write, so I think this is why the name was changed to Devereux from Devery. His obituary listed siblings, including a brother Owen, still living in Ireland, and a brother Peter,  living in Kansas.  Peter's cemetary records list him as Peter Devereaux ( dob 22 Sep 1850),  the "son of Owen and Mary".  In a newspaper article from 1940, it had Peter getting shamrocks, from his brother Owen in Ferbane.  

  I also found two of my gg-grandfather's uncles living in Utica,  Peter and John.  On Peter's probate record it lists his name as Peter Devereux ( or Devery).  I found Owen Devery in the 1901 and 1911 Irish census, but I couldn't find an Owen Devereux living near Ferbane in the census records.  I just need to be sure I'm on the right trac, about the family name being Devery before it was changed to Devereux.

Thanks for any help!!

Donna Devereux-Larson





Tuesday 8th October 2019, 11:54PM

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  • Hi Donna,

    Roots Ireland (subscription site) has a record of the baptism of Peter Devery in 1851. Some of the details seem to fit with your Peter but you must bear in mind that birth dates were pretty fluid at the time so there are almost always discrepancies.


    The transcription of the record shows the date of baptism to be 21 Aug 1851 but this is incorrect, the actual date is 21 Sep 1851. Pretty close to the date you have for Peter's birth from his obituary.

    The parents are listed as Eugene Devery and Elizabeth Rigney. Eugene and Owen are interchangeable. 

    You can view the original record on the parish registers for Tisaron and Galen (Ferbane) here.

    However the mother's name is incorrect so I am not sure this is the correct person.


    I searched a bit more of a record for James or Owen. 


    This couple called Owen/Eugene Devery and Mary Cloonan had 2 children by those names and also another possibility where the mother was simply recorded as Mary Devery.

    James Devery 5 Dec 1849

    Eugene Devery 11 Feb 1855

    Patrick Devery 30 Dec 1847 (Mother's surname not given)

    You can also view these records on the link I gave you above.


    It seems to me that the surname was almost certainly Devery. 

    The site is free to search and has civil registrations of births, marriages and deaths from 1864 onwards.

    If you search this site for Devery, the vast majority of results are in Offaly. Devereux is generally considered to be a name from Wexford and Waterford, of course there are always exceptions but there are only a few results for Devereux in Offaly and none for an Owen or Eugene.


    Using the irishgenealogy site and the parish records you may be able to separate out the various Owen/Eugene Devery families in the Ferbane area and possibly establish which of these families may be yours.


    I searched the newspaper archives for any mention of Owen Devery.

    I came across an interesting obituary for a John Devery who died on his 98th birthday having been born in 1857 in Endrim, the son of Mr and Mrs Owen Devery, he was the eldest of 16 children. Of this family many of them emigrated to Australia, there is no mention of emigration to the US so this is unlikely to be your family.

    This just goes to show you that there was more than one Owen Devery around the area at the time so it is important to sort out which Owen is which. It is however, likely that all the Devery families were related at some level.





    Thursday 10th October 2019, 10:17AM
  • Miriam,

    10,000 blessings for you and yours!!   I forgot to put in that I found Peter's  (1850) marriage record and it had his mother listed as Elizabeth Rigney!!  It stll had his father as Owen Devereux ( no "a").  I don't know why the cemetary record had "son of Owen and Mary".  Maybe his daughters didn't know her name.

    The Devereux family from Co Wexford ( The battle of Vinegar Hill) were already in Utica NY, and were better educated, I think this is how the name got changed from Devery to Devereux.

    Thank you so much,

    Donna Devereux-Larson



    Friday 11th October 2019, 01:30AM
  • You're welcome Donna,

    It's not unusual for third party information to be wrong as in the cemetery record. But now you have two sources which give the correct name so you can be sure that Elizabeth Rigney was Peter's mother.

    With that confirmation of Elizabeth being the correct person. I searched for any other children born to the couple and found some siblings to Peter.

    Ann ? Sep 1839

    Bridget 24 Nov 1846

    Marion 13 Mar 1849

    Eliz 6 Mar 1857

    You should be able to view these records on the parish register at the link I gave you in my previous reply.

    And you may be able to find marriages for these girls on the irishgenealogy site.


    Saturday 12th October 2019, 11:53AM
  • Mariam,

    Thanks so much!!  I knew about James'  sister Bridget ( who went to NY too) and his obit stated he had a brother Owen and two sisters Mary and Elizabeth still in Ireland.  I didn't know about Ann,  but maybe she had already passed.  




    Sunday 13th October 2019, 02:29AM
  • You're welcome,

    Good luck with your future research.


    Monday 14th October 2019, 10:12AM