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I recently discovered that a niece and nephew of Michael Moan (born Dec 22 1865 to John and Rose Moan - Greaghcashel) Mowen, came to NYC to visit.  They were Philip Tracey and Elizabeth Tracey, children of Philip Tracey (Tressy/Tracy and Rose Moan/Mowen - daughter of John Mowen both of Greagchasel).  I am assuming that Rose Mowen was the sister of Michael who immegrated to the U.S. 

I found the above information at

I am trying to obtain a copy of the Philip Tressy and Rose Mowen marriage record, August 10, 1881.  Philip was a widower when he married Rose.  He was also named a widow on the 1901 Census, living with his two children, therefore the mother (Rose) died before the census was taken.

I am also trying to locate a birth record for Rose, assuming she was born between 1850 -  1865.

Can anyone help?


Friday 18th Jan 2019, 02:38PM

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