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I am a grand daugher of Catherine Battle, daughter of Owen Battle and Bridget O'Connor.  She haa sisters Margare and Maryt, and a brother John,


Wednesday 21st July 2021, 01:56AM

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  • Hello McHugh,

    Catherine Battle was born in the town of Glann, County Mayo, on 13 January 1898. Her father is Owen Battle, a farmer residing in Glann. Hr mother is Bridget Connor, which is an alternate of the surname O’Connor. Catherine’s mother Bridget reported the birth to the registrar, who recorded the birth in the Swinford Registration District on 2 April 1898. Catherine’s birth is Number 295 in the register which you can access at:

    Catherine’s birth was found at the free website.

    The civil registration marriage record from shows that Owen Battle and Bridget Connor were married in the Roman Catholic Chapel of Kilbeagh on 19 January 1895. At the time of marriage Owen and Bridget were “of full age.” Owen had been a bachelor and Bridget a spinster. Owen’s occupation was farmer. No occupation is recorded for Bridget. At the time of marriage both Own and Bridget were living in Glann, Mayo. The marriage record also shows that Owen’s father is Pat Battle, a farmer. Bridget’s father is Michael Connor, also a farmer. The priest who married Owen and Bridget was G. O’Donnell. The witnesses to the marriage were Dominick Battle and Ellen Fitzpatrick. A copy of the original civil registration marriage entry can be found at:

    The marriage is Number 60 in the register.

    According to a book by Brian Mitchell called, “A Guide To Irish Parish Registers,” Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore Maryland (1988), the Kilbeagh Catholic chapel was actually located in Charlestown.

    A Google Map shows that Charlestown is 5.4 miles northeast of Glann, by the shortest route:

    The Catholic Church in Charlestown is called St. James. For a Google Street View of St. James Church in Charlestown, see:

    According to the St. James Catholic Church website, the St. James Church was completed and consecrated in 1858. For more information about the church and Charlestown, go to:

    The Google Map at the following link shows that Glann, by the shortest route is 3.6 miles southeast of Swinford:

    For a Google Street View of Glann, go to:

    I next looked for Catherine Battle in the 1901 census, but did not find her with her parents Owen and Bridget, and their other children. At this time the family of Owen and Bridget Battle were living in the household of Bridget’s parents, 66 year old Michael Connor, and his 63 year old wife Mary. The census shows that Michael and Mary Connor and Owen and Bridget Battle and three of their children were not living in Glann, but were the “Residents of a house 11 in Glenmullynaha East (Kilbeagh, Mayo).

    The census transcription for the household is from the National Archives of Ireland. To access the transcription go to:

    Once the transcription appears, make sure to click on, “Show all information” to view the full census page.

    The census shows that all the adults in the household could speak Irish and English. No age is recorded in the transcription for Owen and Bridget’s youngest child Hugh. This is an indication that Hugh was less than a year old. A copy of the original 1901 census shows that Hugh, at the time the census was taken on Sunday, March 31, was 9 months old. See a copy of the original 1901 census at:

    This census shows that Bridget’s father and mother were Michael and Mary Connor. The marriage record for Owen and Bridget shows that Bridget’s father was Michael.

    I thought that it had been a possibility that Owen and Bridget’s daughter Catherine, was in another household at the time the census was taken. Most likely she would be in the household of her paternal grandparents. Owen’s father, according to his marriage record, was Pat. Catherine would be 3 years old in 1901, but I didn’t find her in the census, that is, not under the first name of Catherine. But I did find that 3 year old Kate Battle was living in the household of her grandparents, 64 year old Patrick and 55 year old Catherine Battle, and their four children. The census shows they were the “Residents of a house 1 in Glenmullynaha East (Kilbeagh, Mayo).”

    See the 1901 census transcription for the Battle household at:

    Once again, make sure on click on “Show all information to view the full census page.

    For a copy of the original 1901 census of the Battle household go to:

    The 1911 census shows that 13 year old Katie Battle is in the household of her parents, 45 year old Owen Battle, and 44 year old Bridget Battle. The family are “Residents of a house 10 in Glenmullynaha, East (Kilbeagh, Mayo).”

    In addition to Katie, there are 6 other children of Owen and Bridget’s in the household. On the census line for Bridget you’ll find (after clicking on “Show all information”), that Owen and Bridget had been married for 16 years, and in that time period had eight children, with seven children still living. The seven children are in the household with them. See the 1911 census transcription at:

    For a copy of the original 1911 census of the Battle family, see:

    A Google Map shows that Glenmullynaha East is a little over 9 miles east of Glann:

    For a Google Street View looking toward Glenmullynaha East, County Mayo, go to:

    Don’t hesitate to write with any questions McHugh.

    With Regards,

    Dave Boylan

    A Guide To Irish Parish Registers, by Brian Mitchell
    Google Maps
    Google Street Views


    Wednesday 21st July 2021, 11:43AM
  • McHugh/Dave:

    I was reading this post and Dave's great research with interest because my McDonnell family came from the east side of Kilbeagh civil parish near the village of Carracastle. As Dave noted, the parish for your ancestors was St. James in Charlestown. The RC parish on the east end of the civil parish was St. James in Carracastle. Why two parishes built around the same time and five miles apart have the same name is puzzling to me.

    The one point I wanted to add was that Glenmullynaha West and East were known as Glann locally and the records which show Glann are actually Glenmullynaha.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 21st July 2021, 02:30PM
  • Many thanks Roger for that information. Very interesting about the two churches five miles apart. Irish genealogy is never boring.



    Wednesday 21st July 2021, 05:15PM
  • Dear Dave (Boylan),   I want to thank you for a great lifetime gift that you have given my family.  It was thrilling to read all of your research and to learn the names of another generation - my maternal Great Grandparents - Michael and Mary Connor.  I have shared your information with all of my McHugh cousins and titled the email "Unbelievable."  We are so grateful that you have provided us with this view of our ancestors.  It did bring to mind a quesiton that I have always wondered about. The surname "Battle" does not sound Irish to me. And also if they were farmers, I wonder what types of farming - was it to feed the family or on a larger scale to sell items.  If you are available once again, I wonder if you could help us in the same way with our Grandfather who was also from Mayo.  His name is Michael McHugh born in Sheane outside of Castelbar. Parents seem to be Patrick McHugh and Mary Murray McHugh.  We have a copy of his birth certificate which I think says May 25, 1891.  Siblings names are Thomas, John, Bridget, Patrick, James, 2 unknown male names.  His sister Mary married a farmer named Morrisey.   I guess my goal is to know learn where their homes were when they were growing up so I can vist those places.   Also, if you can do additional genealogy research into past generations for a fee, I am most interested.  Thank you very much - Brenda Stokes - (my mother's maiden name was McHugh).  








    Thursday 22nd July 2021, 03:07PM