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I have recently started researching my family tree; My Grandmother Mary Ellen Donnelly was born in Tempo 1902, her parents were Robert Donnelly and Bridget Connors. My Grandmother moved to live her life in my hometown of Fleetwood in Lancashire, but I don't know when.  I have made quite a lot of progress in a short time, helped by a visit to the Parish Church in Tempo to view the Registers. Mary Ellen had two brothers, Bernard (born 1905) emigrated to USA via Canada about 1926, then no trace. James (born 1903) no trace after birth. No trace of her parents deaths. No trace of Mary Ellen's Parents siblings, Donnellys (Ellen, Bernard, John and Mary Anne born 1858 - 1866)  and Connors, (Joseph, Ellen and Elizabeth born 1869 - 1878) although I think her Uncle Joseph Connors moved to live in my hometown of Fleetwood, but don't know when. I have been searching for months on every website you can think of without any success, so do the records exist or do I need to change my methodology? Thanks for reading and I would be grateful for any of your comments, Martin Donnelly


Wednesday 5th June 2019, 02:11PM

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  • Hi again Martin,

    The records for the family should exist, they are well beyond the introduction of Civil Registration. However I have been looking and have had little luck so far apart from the fact that James 1903 is on the 1911 census so he hasn't disappeared completely. 

    Here is one record for you, the marriage of Ellen Connor the sister of Mary Ellen.

    This death record for Mary Donnelly, I assume, mother of Mary Ellen seems to indicate another son, James, he was present at her death.

    Irish Genealogy added new records yesterday and everybody is on it making it really slow to view records. I'll keep looking for you but I'll leave it at that for now.



    Wednesday 5th June 2019, 06:15PM
  • Hi Miriam, the first link to marriage of Ellen Connors is a new one for me and all the names fit, including her Father and place where they lived in Doon, Ellen Connors is my Grandmother's Aunt. The death record doesnt fit for Mary Donnelly; MY Grandmother did have an Aunt called Mary Anne, but born 1866, so the death record doesnt match for age. I had seen the Census for the Donnelly family, so that was my error not mentioning James, sorry. I know he did stay on the family farm and died some years later in a Care Home in Fintona. Maybe now the new records have been put online I will discover more, once again thank you for your kind work, Martin



    Wednesday 5th June 2019, 08:10PM
  • again, can you determine surname of Elen Connors husband?


    Wednesday 5th June 2019, 08:11PM
  • I think it's Mc Mulkin if you go on and enter the details you will get an index record. 

    Pity that record is not the correct one for Mary, where the heck did they end up??

    On the plus side Martin, do you have an ancestry account? 

    I found the records of Bernard Donnelly's naturalisation in the US.

    Let me know, if you haven't got an account I'll give you an email address and I can send them to you directly.


    Wednesday 5th June 2019, 08:21PM
  • Now I know, that was my fault I was getting confused, of course her mother's name is Bridget, sorry!


    Wednesday 5th June 2019, 08:28PM
  • Good Morning Miriam, found the McMulkin name by going to Irish Genealogy directly and retrieved name from search result list. I do have an Ancestry account, but not access to USA records.

    Wondering about where all my ancestors ended up, having pretty much exhausting web sites, I wondered if some like Bernard Donnelly had emigrated; (I am certain that some of the Treanors and Connors did as I have good DNA matches to people in USA) I believe its harder to find records of people leaving Ireland than arriving in other parts of the world because Authorities were more concerned about people arriving rather than leaving? So maybe I need to upgrade my Ancestry account and look elsewhere. My mother told me that Bernard Donnelly had emigrated to USA, but I have a feeling he first went to Quebec City, she also added that he died in a railway accident shortly after arriving. My surname should be Treanor too, as the father's name was left blank on his birth certificate, but that is another story!


    my email address is 



    Thursday 6th June 2019, 10:10AM
  • Hi Martin,

    Sent you an email.


    Thursday 6th June 2019, 10:47AM
  • Good Morning Miriam, done some more searching without finding anything that ticks the boxes. However I did find one record for John Donnelly, my Father's Great Uncle. He was born in 1864 and the record I found was for marriage to Margaret McNulty in 1892, in Magheralough Chapel, in the District of Irvinestown which isn't far from where the family lived in Tempo, but I am still not certain it is the JD I am looking for. I have attached the file; The name of his father is correct, Hugh Donnelly, Irvinestown is close to where the family lived, but he is listed as a servant, most of my ancestors were farmers, labourers, shoemakers, whitesmiths etc, so servant seems unusual. States his residence is Stralongford which is in Leitrim? However on some records I have viewed Stralongford could mean Stralongford Road and there is one close by near Omagh. I know that the Donnelly family had 'links' in this area, indeed the Donnelly and Treanors did know each other and JD was a witness at my Grandfather's wedding in Tempo. So forgive this long meandering mail, will you have a look at the attached register and let me know what you think?

    Once again thank you





    Friday 7th June 2019, 09:10AM

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  • Hi Martin,

    Just saw this message now. I'll revert to email.


    Friday 7th June 2019, 09:47AM
  • ok :-)


    Friday 7th June 2019, 10:40AM