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Dougherty/Doherty/Dockerty Family

My 2nd great grandfather was Andrew Dougherty born about 1841.  He states in an England Census that he was from Mayo County, Ireland.  The earliest information I have on him is that he is in England in 1861 living in Burnley, Lancashire, England.  He married my 2nd great grandmother, Selina Holland, in 1865 in Wigan, Lancashire, England.  Andrew and Selina lived in Burradon in Tynemouth, according to the census in 1881 and in 1891 he lived in Hunsley, England.  I believe he died in 1905 in Leeds, England. I have found the marriage certificate for Andrew and he lists his father as Andrew (deceased in 1845) and occupation as Farm Laborer.  County Mayo.

Andrew and Selina had 6 children, all my information is from the Census, one of which was my 1st great grandmother, Mary.  Mary spelled her name as Dougherty but the Census had all different versions and her siblings, I believe, went by Dockerty and that is how their descendants refer to themselves.

That is all I know about Andrew.  I don't know much about Mary’s childhood or siblings as she was deceased by the time I was born and the stories that she did pass on to my father may have not been the correct ones.

According to relatives I have found on Ancestry, this Dougherty/Doherty/Dockerty family traveled throughout Ireland and then left to live in Scotland.  Though Andrew's Marriage Certificate states his father's name was Andrew, these individuals have his parents as William and Rebecca.  "William Dockerty and his wife Rebecca Ferrie both born in Co Fermanagh,then moved to Co Mayo - both in Ireland. They later emigrated to Glasgow, Scotland and worked in the docks - see Scottish census 1861."  I do not know if this information is accurate.  I asked how this information was found and have not received a response.  How do I find out if this is in fact the same family or disprove these individuals as my 3rd great grandparents? 

Any help with this would be appreciated.

1861 he lists his occupation as a Cotton Stripper and Grinder

1881 and 1891 list his occupation as a Coal miner.


Thank you for any help and/or suggestions.  Jennifer Braham Smith


Tuesday 13th August 2019, 03:26PM

Message Board Replies

  • Hi Jennifer,

    There are no records for an Andrew Dougherty or variants in Mayo for the timeframe you have outlined.

    I could not find a Dougherty/Ferrie marriage or any variants.

    You are correct to be cautious about records that have nothing to back them up. Who knows, maybe in the future the person managing the Ancestry tree you found may get in touch with you.

    The marriage record is likely to be correct in naming Andrew as the father, the information should have come from the groom himself so it is probably true.

    The only birth record I found for an Andrew Dougherty with father Andrew was on Roots Ireland (subscription site)

    Name: Andrew Doherty

    DOB: 6 June 1842

    Parish: Carabane, Co. Galway

    Father: Andrew Doherty

    Mother: Margaret Murphy

    Denomination: Roman Catholic

    Sponsors: John Larkin, Margaret Canny

    Galway is the county next door to Mayo but this parish is quite a way from the border. However if the family story is true about them travelling around Ireland, it could be a possibility. You should treat it as a hint.

    You can search the parish registers for Carabane here. Maybe you will find something else of interest.

    I could not locate the family in the 1881 or 1891 census. What spelling was Andrew using?



    Friday 16th August 2019, 12:33PM