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My ancestor, Joseph Horace Duggan (b.1872) (later changed to Dugan in the states), was born in Drumsna to parents James and Anne Cunniff. I have a strong DNA match with another Duggan now living in England. Her grandfather, James Joseph Duggan (b. July 1890 according to military records) was from Ireland - family rumors say he was born in Leitrim. However, we cannot find a birth or baptismal record within a few years of his birth year in county Leitrim, or even anywhere close to the Drumsna region. Based on our DNA connection (195 cm across 7 segments), we estimate that the father of James Joseph would have been a brother of Joseph Horace. I have found records of the following children of James and Anne:

- Mary (b.1856)

- William (b.1858)

- James (b.1861)

- Jane (b.1865)

- my Joseph (b.1872)


It seems that most, if not all, left the Drumnsa region or emigrated. The James Joseph Dugan we are looking for worked in nearby Longford as a groom for William Howard's farm (1866-1938), who was also reportedly born in Leitrim. James Joseph met his daughter, Kathleen Howard (1896-1968), who then left the area to live in Dublin, then in London, because William Howard did not approve of their marriage (I'm guessing it was Roman Catholic vs Church of Ireland).


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