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Brick wall - Thomas Earley b 1840-42. He married in Scotland 1863 to Mary McKay. His parents were James Erlie (a farmer) and Esther Palmer both assumed to be born in Ireland. I would really like to find a Parish. Any help would be appreciated.


Sunday 12th April 2020, 10:13AM

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  • Senga,

    You have put this enquiry on the board for Armagh but how certain are you that’s where Thomas was born?

    If Thomas’s father James was a farmer, he should be in the tithe applotment records. These were compiled across Ireland between 1825 – 1838. There were a number of James Early/Earley farmers across the counties what is now Northern Ireland. Nearly all lived in Co. Tyrone. None lived in Co. Armagh.

    Early, James-T: Ardarrow Y: 1826-Termonamongan-Tyrone

    Early, James-T: Errigle Y: 1833-Errigal Keerogue-Tyrone

    Early, James-T: Gort Y: 1833-Errigal Keerogue-Tyrone

    Early, James-T: Tenements Y: 1833-Errigal Keerogue-Tyrone

    Early, James-Townland: Drumard Year: 1825-Ballynascreen-Derry

    Early, James, Jr.-T: Gort Y: 1833-Errigal Keerogue-Tyrone

    Early, James, Sr.-T: Gort Y: 1833-Errigal Keerogue-Tyrone

    Early, Jas.-T: Dernenagh Y: 1829-Pomeroy-Tyrone

    Early, Jas.-T: Legnagulloglagh Y: 1826-Leckpatrick-Tyrone

    Earley, James-- Townland: Drumkee Year: 1825-Killyman-Tyrone

    Earley, James-- Townland: Drummuck Year: 1825-Killyman-Tyrone

    Birth registration didn’t start in Ireland till 1864. Prior to that you need to rely on church records, where they exist. So you would need to search the baptism records for the parishes listed above. RC records are mostly on-line on the nli site:

    For other denominations, the churches usually hold the originals but there are also copies in PRONI, the public record office, in Belfast. A personal visit is required to access them. Access to the records there is free. This link explains what records exist, parish by parish:

    If you are unable to go yourself, you could employ a researcher. Researchers in the PRONI area:

    Looking at the 1901 census of Tyrone, there were 180 people named Earl(e)y. The vast majority were RC but there were some Church of Ireland and Presbyterians too.


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 12th April 2020, 02:23PM
  • Hi Elwyn I posted on Armagh page because someone on ancestry is following same line and that’s where they had Earlys come from. I couldn’t find any proof and wanted to check myself. I’ve also messaged them but no reply.

    Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out.


    Monday 13th April 2020, 11:46AM
  • I have earley or early in my tree they came from Ballina county mayo.Trish


    Friday 19th February 2021, 08:55PM