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Edmond Carrigan and family

searching for info on my great great grandparents, Edmond Carrigan and wife Mary Hale (or Heal) and their Son, Laurence Carrigan, my great grandfather, born July 1845. Other children were Mary, Bridget, John and William.   I’ve been searching for 15 years and this is all I know   I do know they were friends with the Higgins family of Lismore, and possibly came to America with them  Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you 







Wednesday 21st March 2018, 11:41AM

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  • Val:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I checked Roots Ireland and found the parents marriage in 1825. There were also baptismal records for the children you mention plus I found a Helen and did not locate the record for Bridget although there was one record with no name. I also checked the 1849 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Lismore and Mocollop ciivl parish and did not see Edward/Edmund. Maybe the family had left for America or possibly Edward was a small farmer who rented land from another farmer.

    You could add Edward's story to our XO Chronicles site

    Have you considered autosomal DNA testing?

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Name:William CaraganDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:10-Dec-1839Address:
    CountyCo. Waterford
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Edward CaraganMother:Mary HaleOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Rudolph Power Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Brigid Minahan 

    Name:Helen CaraganDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:05-Feb-1837Address:
    CountyCo. Waterford
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Edmund CaraganMother:Mary HealeOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Denis Mulcahy Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Brigid Heale 

    Name:Mary CarriganDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:15-Nov-1827Address:
    CountyCo. Waterford
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Edmund CarriganMother:Mary HealeOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:John Morrisy Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Honor Sullivan 

    Date of Marriage:25-Jan-1825
    Parish / District:Lismore
    County:Co. Waterford

    Husband  EdmundCorigan
    Wife MaryHeale
    Denomination:Roman Catholic

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Wednesday 21st March 2018, 01:48PM
  • Thank you so much for this information.  I don’t think Edmond and Mary came to America. I think only the children came here.  Yes, I did my DNA but unfortunately the people I match with either don’t have any info, or they don’t respond to messages.   Is there anyway to find out who Edward Carrigan and Mary Heale’s parents were?  Would that be on their marriage record in Roscommon?    Again, thank you for your time and the information   I am very grateful.  





    Friday 23rd March 2018, 12:33PM
  • Valerie:

    Civil registration of RC marriages started in 1864 so we only have the church record and parents names were never shown on church records. Also, Lismore baptismal records start in 1820 so we can't locate their baptismal records.

    I did not see any civil death records for Edmond/Edward or Mary in the lismore registration district.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Saturday 24th March 2018, 02:04PM