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Greetings from California!

I have only recently discovered my connection to Ireland--the Rippy family.

From what I've gathered, they were in Dublin for several generations before emigrating to the colonies in the mid-1700s.

The earliest Rippy I've found is Edward Lee Rippy, born in 1678, died in 1732 (my eighth great-grandfather). I've found a hint that indicates he may have been buried in St. Nicholas Without, and I'm trying to confirm that. There's a burial in the parish 22 Aug 1732 but all is says is "Edwards of Francis Street". Needless to say, that's little to go on. I'm hoping someone more local can help me out with this family to confirm that there were indeed Rippys in the area.

I have Edward Lee Rippy married to Nannie Ross, also of Dublin. I have a son, Joseph (1706-1744), of Dublin.

Joseph married Ellen Patterson of Dublin (1706-1777), and they had a son Edward Ross Rippy (born 1729 in Dublin, died some time after 1800 in North Carolina).

I've also run across one reference that indicates that the Rippy family may be Scots-Irish.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Blair Leatherwood



Blair Leatherwood

Saturday 14th Apr 2018, 04:15PM

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  • Most of the surviving records for Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes in Dublin City are available free on the IrishGenealogy website. The only mention that I can see of any with the surname Libby is the burial of a John Libby 16th February 1724 of St. Catherine's (parish), the burial is recorded in St. Nicholas (without) Church of Ireland parish. The dates are very early in terms of Irish Church records, and many parishes would not have have records available for this timeframe. 

    I dont see any Libbys in Watson's 1783 directory, or the early Treble Almanacs (1812-1829).  

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 16th Apr 2018, 11:48AM
  • Fáilte Blair!

    I know a bit about old Francis Street, but nothing on Rippy I'm afraid.

    Interestingly, by the mid 19th Century, Rippy and Patterson were centred around Co. Tyrone, and no record in Dublin. If you are not 100% on your Dublin lead, you might look there as well. 

    Reading your post, historian Pat Liddy came to mind. If there were Rippy's in old Dublin (especially the Liberties), he'd probably be the one to know.

    I'd also recommend digging around the headstones recorded on IGP web, you might get lucky.

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 16th Apr 2018, 06:25PM
  • Thank you both so much for your prompt replies. And Shane, could you recheck with the last name RIPPY? I expect you'll come up with the same response, and I certainly appreciate the insight on the availability of local records, but I'd like to be sure. The hint that I had did come from the Irish Genealogy website--it says it's from book 1, page 170, but that the page has not been imaged. What is transcribed is "Edwards of Francis Street", so I'm not even sure it's actually a Rippy and not an Edwards!

    And I'll definitely be looking around County Tyrone!


    Blair Leatherwood

    Tuesday 17th Apr 2018, 03:02PM
  • Blair,
    I'm very interested in learning what you may have discovered. I too am descended from an Edward Rippy who came to America from Dublin about the same time. I googled Edward Rippy's name and came across your post tonight while having a casual conversation with a friend about our Scots - Irish heritage. I have some information stashed away on my ancestry that I would have to track down but not very much beyond Edward on family in Ireland. The Edward Rippy I'm interested in had a son also named Edward Ross Rippy that was born in NC, I believe. We also have a copy of a letter written by a Mr Martin (I think) which talks about how Edward was disowned by his father for coming to America "to live among the heathens". Same Edward, do you think?

    Thanks for any help you can give!


    Crystal Rippy

    Tuesday 11th Jun 2019, 01:41AM
  • P.S. I should say that I don't have much information on my ancestry beyond Edward that is verifiable. I found some information archived in a local county courthouse that was compiled by a distant relative that talks generally about the Rippys (and variations of that name) as far back as the time of William the Conqueror. (Supposedly, it was originally Le Ripere which became anglicized over time to Rippy.) However, I don't know the source of her information.


    Crystal Rippy

    Tuesday 11th Jun 2019, 02:35AM
  • Crystal:

    I am so glad you followed up your April post--somehow I missed that one completely.

    Yes, Edward Ross Rippy is in my direct line (my 5th great-grandfather). I show him as born in Orange County, NC in 1764.

    The lineage I have is as follows:

    Edward Lee Rippy (1678-1732) married Nannie Ross

    Joseph Rippy (1706-1744) married Ellen Patterson

    Edward Ross Rippy (1729-1790) married Susannah Thomas; this is the Edward Ross Rippy who emigrated. He was born in Dublin, and died in Rutherford County, NC. I'd be willing to bet this is the one who joined the heathens.

    Edward Ross Rippy (1764-1853) married Mary Elmore

    Jesse Edward Rippy (1795-1867) married Sarah Lowry

    Anonymous Kirby Rippy (1827-1907) married Charlotte

    William Andrew Rippy (1850-1921) married (1) Tabitha Ham, (2) Delila Brown, (3) Mary Louise Tapp

    Aurora Rosalee Rippy (1875-1946, daughter of Mary Louise Tapp) married Charles Benton Stevens

    Harold Lafuze Stevens (1907-1980) married Myrtle Francis Darling

    Geneva Rosanne Stevens (1934-2010) married Gail Blair Leatherwood

    And then there's me.


    Blair Leatherwood

    Thursday 13th Jun 2019, 06:10PM
  • Blair,
    It sounds like we share a common ancestry at least through the second Edward Ross Rippy. :) After that generation, I don't want to rely on my memory. Although, Jesse Edward Rippy sounds familiar. I still need to track down my research. Its probably been at least 20 yrs since I've looked at it. I just hope that I have a paper copy somewhere and that it's not saved on a floppy disk! If so, I will have to track down a floppy disk drive to read it. I will let you know when I find it.


    Crystal Rippy

    Thursday 13th Jun 2019, 07:47PM
  • Ha! I had the day off today so I figured it out with the help of the FindAGrave website and my Dad's family knowledge. Your ancestor, Jessie Edward Rippy is the brother of my ancestor, Mastin Rippy. Starting with Mastin, my ancestry is as follows:

    Mastin Rippy m. Mary Arnold

    James "Wet Jim" Joseph Mastin Rippy m. Susan Powell. The family lore is that there were two Jim Rippys that lived in the community. My ancestor was 'Wet Jim" because he lived near a river or a stream. The other Jim Rippy was known as "Dry Jim". :)

    William Pickney Rippy m. Sempronah Moss

    George Cleveland Rippy m. Della Ross Foster

    Paul Oates Rippy m. Elizabeth Ann Nolen

    Richard P. Rippy m. Gerane B. Rippy


    There is a write-up about the American-born Edward Ross Rippy on the FindAGrave website: .

    Incidentally, his gravestone is in the community where I grew up.


    Crystal Rippy

    Thursday 13th Jun 2019, 09:29PM
  • P.S. I'm sure you realize, but to be clear, my mother's maiden name was not Rippy. I'm just wary about putting too much personally identifiable information on a public-facing website.

    Crystal Rippy

    Thursday 13th Jun 2019, 09:47PM
  • Hello Crystal,


    My name is Michele Rippy and I married Charlie Rippy.  I am researching his ancestors so I can pass any information down to our 2 boys.  There were 2 brothers who left Ireland to go to North Carolina, America.  One was Edward and the other was Matthew.  My husband descends from Matthew.  Matthew and Edward's father was Joseph 1706-1744.Ireland  Joseph's father was Edward Rippy 1678 Ireland, Edward's father was Henry rippy Sir. - Dublin, Ireland and his father was Dr. William Rippey from Paris France to Scotland to Ireland.  Here is a link that you will find very interesting.    Go to June of 2011, pg. 14 for information on Dr. William Rippey.


    Supposedly, the name derives from Rippa and goes back to 330 AD to Normandy France.




    Friday 26th Jul 2019, 03:18PM
  • Michele,
    Thanks so much for your reply. I apologize for my delay in responding. I was trying to track down some information that my family had stashed away on our history before replying. We have a copy of a letter dated May 7, 1907 from Sallie C. Lutts to William P. Rippy (not my direct ancestor, but a cousin) that documents Sallie's knowledge of the Rippy family that she gleaned from her mother, grandmother, and great-grandfather. It indicates that the father (Joseph - although it doesn't give his first name) of my ancestor, Edward, and it seems, your ancestor, Matthew, owned and ran a linen factory in Dublin. Do you have any information to corroborate that? Also, I have a copy of another document, unsigned, which gives general knowledge of the Rippy family, that after Edward immigrated, three other Rippys came to Virginia from Dublin (John, Matthew (your Matthew?), & Thomas). The document says they are possibly cousins to Edward but I suppose they could be siblings. They settled in and near Hillsboro, Orange County, NC. It also says Matthew had a will probated in May 1817. His children were John, Edward, Joseph, Thomas, James, Jessie, and Ganet. It goes on to list several more generations descended from James. It also lists several references which I need to look up:
    O'Hart's Irish Genealogies
    La Crispin's Norman Rolls
    Burke's General Armourie (1841)
    Debrett's General Armourie
    DAR Magazine Vol. 43, p. 492; Vol. 64, p. 308; & Vol. 83, pp 171 & 337
    History of Rockbridge County, Virginia p. 524-525
    Boutell's Manuel of Heraldry
    Heraldics Americana
    Colonial Records of North Carolina Vol. XXII, p. 86


    Also, regarding the link you provided regarding Dr. William Rippey, when I try it, it says page not found. Could you provide me with a reference to the document with which it's associated? Perhaps I could search for it that way.

    Thanks for your help!

    All the best,

    Crystal Rippy

    Saturday 3rd Aug 2019, 11:16PM


    Try this.  If it doesn't work by clicking on it, then type it in on your google and go to page 14.


    Monday 5th Aug 2019, 02:01AM
  • Hello. I just came across this thread while trying to research more on Sempronah Moss who married William Pinckney Rippy. I started a ancestry family tree years ago and just got back on today to look at a few things. Seen William and Sempronah are my third great grandparents on my maternal side. Does anyone have anymore information on who Williams parents were? I got a little lost on the thread, sorry. 
    thanks in advance, Heather 

    Saturday 5th Oct 2019, 02:54AM
  • The only thing I need is the name of Williams father and whose grandfather was the Dr Rippy that came from France. I'm missing the link between them. After that I'll add all the ripierres in France


    Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 12:34AM
  • Heather, Michele,
    I just now saw your replies. And thanks, Michele, for your earlier reply! Yes! See my post above with my family info. William Pinckney Rippy's father was James "Wet Jim" Joseph Mastin Rippy. He married Susan Powell. The family lore is that there were two Jim Rippys that lived in the community. My ancestor was 'Wet Jim" because he lived near a river or a stream. The other Jim Rippy was known as "Dry Jim" because he lived on a hill. It gets really confusing because of the two Jim Rippys. To make matters even more confusing, there are two William P. Rippys. My ancestor's middle name is spelled Pinckney (I misspelled it in my earlier post). The other William spelled his middle name 'Pinkney' without the 'c'. I did confirm that these are two distinct individuals not just a misspelling of the same person's name thanks to the Find A Grave website. I had trouble with James Rippy generation because, if I'm remembering, correctly, the census records for that generation were destroyed by a fire. There is alot of information on the Find A Grave website that may help you. There is grave information on both William P Rippys, as well as the info on my ancestor, Wet Jim. Here is the link:

    Good luck!

    Crystal Rippy

    Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 01:05PM
  • P.S. The info on the Find A Grave website is incomplete for William Pinckney Rippy. It only list one child, Minnie Rippy. But there are others. He also had a son, George Cleveland Rippy, my great grandfather. And if I jotted down my notes correctly after talking to my Dad, his other children were Other (pronounced O-ther) Rex Rippy, & Mouzan Rippy.

    Crystal Rippy

    Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 01:32PM
  • P.P.S. Yikes! I left out two very important children of WP Rippy's that I actually met! My great-grandfather's sisters Ray Rippy Durell and Ollie (Olly?) Rippy Hardin. Sorry, Aunt Ollie and Aunt Ray!

    Crystal Rippy

    Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 01:53PM
  • Crystal,


    Do you have any idea on who the father of William Rippey was who was born and died in IReland?  I have seen it is Henry Sir Rippy but there are no documents I have seen to back this up.


    Thank you,

    Michele Rippy


    Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 07:15PM
  • Michele,
    I'm sorry, I don't. I have seen that name on the internet myself but I have nothing to corroborate it. There may be something in those documents referenced in my July 26th post. I have not dug into those yet. I'm hoping to have time to find and dig into them during Christmas break. The connection to France via Scotland that recent came as somewhat of a surprise to me. I thought based on some of the modern documents that I found that the Rippys had been in Ireland much longer. But again I have no info to confirm that.


    Crystal Rippy

    Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 11:27PM
  • Crystal,


    I'm just now seeing your message on William P Rippy.  We descend from William Paisley Rippy.  Hope that helps.


    Thursday 16th Jul 2020, 09:12PM

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