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I have hit a brick wall in locating the family of Edward Maguire, born circa 1800. He married Sarah Gould. They had 3 children. Edward, Sarah and John. They lived in Tandragee Ireland. I have a Noble Maguire and Jane Sefton who were married at Ballymore Church of England in 1793. Does anyone know if Noble and Jane were Edward's parents? Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.


Monday 17th Aug 2020, 06:22PM

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  • CindyS,

    There are 66 trees on Ancestry that have this family. One (the Monk tree) has Edward’s father as Alexander Maguire. That tree says Edward was born in Tullyhogue in 1800. (I can’t find a Tullyhogue but it might be Tullyhugh which is in the parish of Ballymore). The tree says daughter Sarah died in 1869 in Victoria, Australia and John died in 1887 in NSW.

    The tree also says Edward senior died in Sept 1885 in Co Armagh. However I don’t see a statutory death that supports that. Likewise it has Sarah Maguire dying in Armagh in 1870 but there’s no statutory death in that area to support that. Indeed the tree lacks documentary evidence for most of its information. However you might want to contact the owners of the Monk tree and some of the others to see if they can assist you. (Many of the trees all place Ballymore in Co Cork which is 300 miles from Tandragee, and so not very accurate. It looks as though many trees are just copied from others without much verification work being done. So a health warning is probably appropriate as to the accuracy of the information).

    Ballymore Church of Ireland (ie Anglican) has baptism, marriage & burial records from 1783 onwards.  There’s a copy in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. I am not sure if they are on-line anywhere but you can certainly view them in PRONI.


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 17th Aug 2020, 08:31PM
  • Thank you Elwyn. I have been in touch with the Monk family re: Sarah Maguire, born 1823 and died 1869. They told me about Edward Maguire but could go no further. I'll try to check into Alexander Maguire.


    Tuesday 18th Aug 2020, 08:45PM
  • You can ask the government for help. They can help you in finding out the right person. I worked in a content writing service usa where one of my employees was also facing the same issue. He asked to some of the organizations and government to help him in searching  and within few months they have found.

    Saturday 14th Nov 2020, 10:55AM


    Hello everyone, I am also researching the Maguire from Tandagreee. Would like some help in locating John Maguire 1828 Tandagree. Ballymore in the barony of Lower Orier. Anything of his father and mother would be helpful. Or if you can suggest a researcher that has time to help. Thank you 



    Lynette Burfitt

    Sunday 20th Feb 2022, 04:13AM
  • Lynette,

    Can you tell us a bit more about this John Maguire? Very hard to trace someone with just a name and year of birth. What denomination was he? What happened to him after 1828? Did he marry and die in Ireland? What was his occupation? Do you know what townland he lived in?

    John was born long before the start of birth registration in Ireland (1864) so to trace him we will have to rely on church and land records. That’s why we need more information.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 20th Feb 2022, 04:59PM

    To Elwyn


    Thank you for reply. The following is all I know.

    Born Ballymore parish of Lower Orier in a village called Tanderagee around 1828. Father Edward Maguire  1800-1885 and mother Sarah Gould 1796-1870.  Apparently his occupation was a Linen Weaver. In 1846-1850 he joined the 44th Regiment of Foot and served in Malta. Residence in 1851 was Armagh. His death certificate stated he married in Ireland and his Wife  Jane Austin's death certificate states they married in Lancashire in 6/1/1852 maybe in Tanderagee. Do not know his denomination. They arrived from Liverpool to Australia on "The Hope". Made a home in Victoria where they had 5 children and then moved too Northern New South Wales and had another 6 children. John's siblings were Edward 1821-1893 and Sarah 1823-1869 they also came to Australia. Hope this helps. Need help on locating info on his parents too. Things like possible gravesites, pictures of what their town looked liked, certificates, parish churches where they might have been baptised. Any information that help me build a story as I can't do it from Australia, I'm willing to pay a researcher for their time.  Thank you

    Lynette Burfitt

    Tuesday 22nd Feb 2022, 08:42AM
  • I found John Maguire & Jane Aston’s marriage in 1852 in Tandragee Church of Ireland. So that’s in Ireland, not in Lancashire, though perhaps the bride originated there. John was a groom, his father a labourer. Both lived in Tandragee at the time of their marriage:

    This looks to be Samuel Aston’s death in 1892 in Tandragee. He was a pensioner, so at that date it meant he had served in the army or navy:

    Here’s Jane’s mother Charlotte’s death in 1886 in Tullyhugh:

    Informant was William Gi….. son in law. Can’t make it out nor can I see a likely marriage in the marriage records). Possibly William Gilmore. Which throws up this possible family. Note that there was a Charlotte in the family:

    Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church so possibly the Aston family were baptised there. Tandragee COI records start in 1783. Rootsireland has coverage for some years. Otherwise you might need to get a researcher to look them up in PRONI in Belfast where there is a fully set.

    I had a look for death s for Edward Maguire in 1885 and Sarah in 1870. Couldn’t find either. No sign of Edward in Griffiths Valuation c 1860. I suspect he may have died before that.

    Description of the parish in the 1830s:

    Today Tandragee is famous for the Tayto crisp factory at the Castle:

    Family look to have been Churhc of Ireland so I would search the graveyards in the Ballymore area, starting with the Churhc of Ireland. Labourers couldn’t always afford  a gravestone so can’t be sure whether you will find one. 

    Researchers in the PRONI area:


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 25th Feb 2022, 04:42PM

    Hello Elwyn


    Thank you so much for all the information. I can't believe you found so much. I'm literally blown away. I did find Sarah 1870 deaths which I have ordered a copy of. This puts a whole new light on James family who we originally thought came from England. So Samuel Austin is definitely Janes father and Charlotte is definitely her mother? Wil check out PRONI and Church of Ireland. Thank you again .  Can I offer you anything for your time?

    Lynette Burfitt

    Saturday 26th Feb 2022, 01:18AM

    Dear Elwyn

    I know it's a big ask as you have done so much for me already but Any chance we could locate John Maguire birth certificates somehow.?

    Lyn Burfitt 

    Lynette Burfitt

    Saturday 26th Feb 2022, 05:13AM
  • Lyn, 

    John won’t have a birth certificate. They only started in Ireland in 1864 and he was born over 35 years before that.  All you may get is his baptism in church records in PRONI, or possibly on rootsireland, which I referred to previously.  If you find the correct church. You’ll either need to take out a subscription to rootsireland or get a researcher to look the records up in PRONI.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 26th Feb 2022, 06:13PM

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