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I am trying to find a birth location and parents for Annie Martin who was born in Donegal "2 November 1872" according to her death records in San Francisco, California in 1956.  On the record her father is "Unknown Martin" and her mother is "Unknown."  She first shows up in San Francisco about 1894.  

I found a birth registration for "Hannah" Martin, born 2 Nov 1867 in Fannett to Edward Martin and Susan Sweeny from Ballinalost.  I realize that the year is off, but according to US records "Annie" was 2 years older than her husband, and maybe shaved a few years off to bring her closer to appearing about his age.

Looking at a combination of Catholic parish records and civil registrations, it looks like Edward and Susan had:

  • John - b July 1851
  • Mary -b. Jan 1854 - I think she married James Friel 11 Dec 1887
  • Edward - b. 1856
  • Patrick - b. 1856, d. 1935, married Mary Cannon about 1900
  • Denis - b. Nov 1858
  • Daniel, b. 1865 - possibly married Bridget Carr 27 Jan 1895
  • Hannah (who I think might be my Annie) b. 1867
  • Susanna b 31 Jan 1871

From Civil records, I see Edward died 17 Dec 1870.  This ties with Susan being the informant for Susanna's 1871 birth.

Susan lived with her married son Patrick in 1901 and 1911.  She died 1 Dec 1912 in Fannett.

I'm trying to see if there might be any obituaries for Susan or any of her children (like maybe Patrick or Mary (Martin) Friel) which might mention a daughter/sister Annie in San Francisco.  Are there any extant obituaries from the Clondavaddog area?  And could there be a notation in a Clongavaddog parish register from about 1894-1896 which would have noted that Annie was married in San Francisco to Robert Powers.  I know some Catholic church registers do marginal notations for marriages occurring elsewhere.

Any other ideas how I might tie "my" Annie Martin Powers to the Hannah baptised in Clondavaddog in 1867?


Thanks for your help.

Mary Roddy



Monday 8th Mar 2021, 07:14PM

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