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Ellen Bennis

Ellen also called Ella, was born in Kimurry, Feenagh, County Limerick on 6 September, 1884.

She emegrated to USA from Queenstown to New York on SS Caronia on 28 April 1909.

she listed Mrs Mary Bennis as her nearest relative. Mary Bennis lived in Kilmurray, Ballyagram. I believe her fathers name was Garrett Bennis (b. about 1840) and her mother was Mary Carey (b. about 1843)

She married Michael Carey (of Castlemahon) in Chicago 1911.

My Grandmother Ellen passed away in 1965 in Chicago

Looking for any family information.




Monday 22nd February 2021, 11:16PM

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  • edit place of birth, should be Kilmurry


    Tuesday 23rd February 2021, 01:36AM
  • Jack:

    Ellen was actually born in Co. Cork near the border with Limerick. I located a September 7 1884 baptismal record in the Milford (Freemount) RC parish in Cork. There was also a September 17 1882 baptismal record for a Honora Bennis in the Milford RC parish. I also found a May 5 1882 civil birth record for Thomas in Co. Cork. The registration was in Milford so the same general area of Cork. Obviously either Honora's date was mistranscribed or Thomas' birth has the wrong year because you can't have two children born four months apart. The civil record shows Kilmore townland which is in Kilbolane civil parish at the northern area of Co. Cork

    I did not find Ellen's civil birth record or the marriage reocrd for the parents. I also did not find the baptismal or civil birth record for Mary.

    Garrett died in 1905  See fourth record Note Mary is shown now as older than Thomas (she was 12 in the 1901 census) Maybe Mary and Honora are the same person

    This could be Mary Bennis' death record in 1932

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 23rd February 2021, 02:41PM
  • Roger, thanks!

    a few of my older siblings had said that Ellen (Nanny) said she was born in County Cork, but we had no documents to show that.



    Wednesday 3rd March 2021, 04:07PM