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For those Fahey / Fahy families there ia an event which has been organised in Sydney, Australia, to celebrate the 180yr anniversary of the arrival of 6 Fahey brothers – Thomas (26), William (24), Peter (22), Edward (21), James (19), Timothy (16), from Ballymacward, Galway, Ireland to Australia.

On 7th September, 1841, these six brothers arrived on the United Kingdom as assisted immigrants, and started work at Denham Court, under Squire Blomfield. Later, several of them moved to Appin and purchased 'Hardwick Farm' at Brookes Point. William and his young family eventually headed to Burrowa (Boorowa) and settled in Reid’s Flat at 'Green Hills'. With over 1,000 known descendants to the 4th generational level of the Fahey Family in Australia, we welcome all to this family Gathering.

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Wednesday 16th June 2021, 11:39AM

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