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I am researching my relatives from Killeenadeema/Aille Parish. My Great Grandparents Michael and Honora Gorman were members of the parish and information has they resided in Drummin. Griffiths Valuation listed them in Boleybeg along with a Patrick Gorman, and Thomas Gorman. It seems Patrick passed away and Thomas took over his property, then Michael and Honora took the land Thomas had inhabited. We have not detemined the relationship of Patrick to my grandfather, but believe Thomas was Patrick's son.We had information no records exist prior to 1830 but did find another Thomas Gorman in the 1825 Tithe Applotment listing. Honora's mother Mary Carrick passed away 1889 and grandfather Michael passed away 1890. Children of Michael and Honora were Martin B.1859, Mary B. 1862, Michael B. 1864, Patrick B. 1866, Thomas B. 1868, William B. 1871, Anthony B. 1874, and Anna B. 1877. Parents ages do not relate well to the childrens births as Michael was listed as 80 when he died in 1890, and the last child Anna was born 1877. Martin ( my grandfather) came to America in 1880, and Mary in 1882. The rest of the family came over with Honora in 1892. We have tried unsuccessfully to determine the Patrick Gorman and Michael Gorman relationship. Also, where were this family of Gormans prior to 1850's. A neighboring Parish Ballanakill had a lot of Gormans in the Griffiths Valuation. They had similar given names and maybe this is where my family moved from before settling in Drummin/Boleybeg. I and 10 other members of my family visited the Parish in 2007 and attended Mass at Aille September 15, 2007. We were unable to attend the St Dympna mass on Sunday. Mass was delivered by a visiting Priest so we were unable to have a discussion with the Parish Priest. Hopefully, I will abe able to return in the near future and enjoy the area once again.

Sincerely, Martin L. Gormn

Fahy, Dolphin, KilleenadeemanewSubmitted by friendlylight19... on Oct 03, 2011.

I am a decendant of Patrick Fahy (Fahey) who immigrated to Canandiagua, New York in 1849. In his declaration of intention he says he is from Loughrea / Galway Co. born in Killeenadeema 10 Mar 1800. His wife, Bridget Duffin (or Dolphin) died prior to his arrival in USA. He brought a son, Thomas and 4 daughters, Mary, Margaret, Julia. In Griffiths Valuation I see William Fahy and Mary Dolphin in this parish (1857). I would love any information about this family / surnames. Thank you so much.

Ruth Tyson

BroderickSubmitted by Kilpeck on Jun 27, 2011.

Patrick Broderick was a tenant on land owned by the Marquis of Clanricarde according to Griffiths .Loughrea, Derrybrien.

He was married to Catherine Boyle and they were parents to Michael, John, Bridget, Lawrence, Matthew 1, Matthew 2 (my great grandfather) Mary and Catherine. There may have been more births. I have found most of the family in the Boston area including the mother, Catherine.

I would like to find information about the death and burial place of Patrick Broderick. I cannot find any record of him in Boston and therefore think he died before the wife, Catherine immigrated to Boston.

Can you advise how and where to look for this information?

Jeanne Sandford

Alabama, USA

burial place of Patrick Broderick / DerrybrienSubmitted by Dolores OShea on Jul 24, 2011.

Hello Jeanne,

I will see what I can find out here locally in Derrybrien.



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Paula Kennedy

Wednesday 19th October 2011, 11:56AM

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