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My paternal g grandfather was David Graham. He was married twice, once to Elizabeth (Bessie) Irvine and later to Margaret Hamilton. I would like to find his father, Joseph Graham, who is listed as a famer on David's marriage registration in 1866 (to Bessie) and his mother Ann Graham nee Hewitt.  

At the time of his marriage to Bessie David was living in Divernagh. I don't kow his father's whereabouts and I don't know of any siblings he may have had. 

Grateful for any help with this.

Thank you in advance.




Sunday 3rd January 2021, 01:14PM

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  • Griffiths Valuation for 1864 lists a Joseph Graham in Duvernagh townland. He had plot 37 which was a 12 acre farm. However your Joseph was a Tailor (according to the 1866 marriage certificate) so I am not sure it’s the right Joseph. I searched death records 1864 onwards (that’s when they start) for Newry registration area but could not find a Joseph who was a tailor nor a spouse Ann. Both might have died before 1864 of course or may have lived elsewhere.

    In the 1901 census, all 17 Grahams in Divernagh/Duvernagh were Presbyterian. Was David also Presbyterian? (I know he married in the Church of Ireland but tradition was to marry in the bride’s church so that may just have been her denomination). The nearest Presbyterian church to Divernagh is Bessbrook. However unfortunately it’s records only start in 1854 so not much help. 

    I looked for possible siblings marriages around the same time but did not see any where the father was a tailor. 

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 3rd January 2021, 05:23PM
  • If they were Presbyterian, you are in Kingsmills Church catchment. I have Graham's in my line related to Kings in that area. 

    Both Grahams and Irvines are listed as the church's earliest recorded communicants in 1864. 

    There is an amazing book  - History of Kingsmills Church 1788 1988 which has lots of local and family history and records I have not found anywhere else. 




    Saturday 23rd January 2021, 03:37AM