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I am trying to find records of my 3X greatgrandparents. Francis Campbell born Ireland abt1830 and Mary Lyons bornabt1821.Any info would be helpful. They aparently moved to Scotland .  Thanking You Tom Campbell. My email is I live in Taupo New Zealand.


Tuesday 30th November 2021, 09:48PM

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  • Tom,

    Campbell is a very common name in both Scotland and Ireland. It’s going to be hard to trace the family without a little more information. When roughly did they move to Scotland? Did they have any children in Scotland, if so names and rough years of birth would help. What denomination was the family? Do you know whereabouts in Scotland they lived? When did they leave Scotland?

    There’s a tree on Ancestry which has what appears to be this family, though I don’t see any immediate connection with New Zealand  on it. In the 1861 census they were living in East Row, New Monkland. Francis was an Ironstone Miner. Family consisted of Mary 40, Francis 31, Mary 7, Peter 3, Francis under 1 year.  Children all born in Edinburgh. 

    Peter Campbell reportedly died in Edinburgh 7.12.1929.

    One tree has Francis dying in Castleblaney, Co Monaghan in May 1900. However I can’t find a death that matches that precisely. There was one in March 1900, registered in Castleblaney, but the man was a bachelor. So possibly that information about Francis' death is not correct.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 30th November 2021, 10:41PM
  • Hello            E lwyn,  The info you have is about the same as mine. I found Marriage Record of Francis and Mary at St Mary Churcxh Hamilton in 1857.The tree in Ancesteryis correct but no connection to N>Z> till my Father come in1928.Peter Campbell death is correct. Have found Parents of Mary Lyons as Michi Lyons and Mary in Ireland ,Catholic Parish Registers,1655-1915 Hope this will help. Again Thank You for th help. Tom Campbell.


    Wednesday 8th December 2021, 01:11AM
  • According to Peter Campbell’s marriage to Hannah Page in Edinburgh in 1877 both his parents Francis & Mary were dead by that date. So the 1901 death in Castleblaney, in Ireland, is not correct.

    Informant for Peter’s death in 1929 was James Ford, son in law. So a few clues there for you to trace that line forward. You should be able to pick the family up easily enough in the Scottish censuses 1881 – 1911 (and, next year the 1921 census).

    Hannah Campbell nee Page died 1904 in Edinburgh St Giles aged 45. GROS ref 685/4 1220.

    Judging by a likely entry in the index to the 1901 Scottish census, the family then consisted of Peter 42, Hannah 42, Nicholas 14, Margaret 11, Isabella 6, Jemima 3 & Cecelia 0.   GROS ref St Giles 685/4 26/10.

    I see a possible marriage between Hannah Campbell and James Taylor Ford in 1897 in Canongate (Edinburgh). GROS ref 685/3 72.

    You can view all those certificates and census returns on Scotlandspeople (for a small fee).

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 8th December 2021, 08:28PM

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  • Hello Elwyn,   Thank you again for the info. I have been working through it and info that is coming in from my DNA Test. But I still cannot find information on my 3x Greatgrandparents in Ireland. Is there a problem getting records from the 1800,s. Thanks again Tom Campbell


    Monday 17th January 2022, 02:58AM
  • Tom,

    Yes research in Ireland in the 1800s can be tricky. Nearly all the pre 1901 Irish censuses were destroyed in the 1922 fire in Dublin and if you don’t know where someone originated, and they have a common name like Campbell, it can be hard going.

    Also for births in the 1820s and 1830s, not all parishes have records, and of those that do, they are not all on-line, especially protestant records. You may struggle to find much about the couple in Irish records.

    How sure are you that the 1857 marriage is the correct couple? I ask because the 1861 census has daughter Mary born in Edinburgh c 1854, 3 years before they married. Or was Mary Lyons married previously, and daughter Mary was by a previous marriage?

    The other slightly puzzling aspect is that in the 1861 census, Francis is an ironstone miner, but on Peter’s marriage he is described as a farm labourer. Perhaps the mining didn’t last very long.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 17th January 2022, 11:50PM